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Content Performance Analysis

Who doesn’t love the excitement and magic of a good performance? Believe it or not, your content’s performance analysis is more similar to the theatre than you might think. Imagine your content as the talented actors and actresses captivating your audience, the performance analysis as a written review of the play and the content team here at Passion as your playwrights.


Here at Passion we specialise in bringing you all the joy of a Shakespearean comedy while avoiding Greek tragedies at all costs, so we put a lot of time, research and effort into our content strategies. The circle of content strategy begins and ends with performance analysis. At the start of the process, we find out where you’re at in the market; at the end of our content campaigns, we review how far we’ve come in meeting your goals.


All content that we create is designed with performance in mind – content objectives, targets and tracking methods are defined early on, in the strategy stage. Once we know where we’re headed, we find creative ways to get there and follow the road to success through excellent execution.


When, at the end of the road, you wonder: “was it all worth it?”, we’ll let the data speak for itself. Up-going graphs and green arrows are our favourite sights in the world, and we like to generate lots of them for all the right metrics. When assessing the success of our content, we like to take a holistic view, looking at your performance on different channels. From social and referral traffic to sign-ups and sales, we’ll paint a good picture of how your audience finds your content and how they behave when on-site.


And then? Well, we take a bow of course.

Awards we won

Success in Search Engines

All of our content is SEO-friendly, which means it’s designed to rank in search engines. From basic blog posts to majestic microsites, we make sure they get seen by both bots and humans. This will help contribute towards your rankings and organic traffic, which we’ll track throughout the course of your content campaigns.

Each piece of content will be optimised for a specific set of queries, and throughout the course of campaigns, we often witness it ranking for more. By building your website’s relevance for a bigger set of keywords, we can engage your audience in more stages of the conversion funnel, making sure you’re top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

Social Shares and Engagement Metrics

Some of your content may be specifically designed for social engagement. We use social media analytics as well as UTM links and specialist tools to track social shares, sentiment, the quality of engagement and traffic to your site. From there, we can get a sense of the user’s experience through metrics like bounce rate, time on site and page visits per session.

Number of Conversions

Conversion goals can be anything from newsletter sign-ups to form fill-outs to clicks to a landing page. Each piece of content we create is centred around a conversion goal, and tracking conversion rates through Google Analytics is part of our process. By identifying the most important metrics early on in the process, we can take a proactive approach to your content’s success.

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