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We’re not saying we’re mad scientists, creating mysterious creatures like Frankenstein’s monster deep in our digital marketing labs. That being said, we are in the business of creating – just not the ‘mad science experiment gone wrong’ kind. No, here at Passion we create high quality, dynamic and carefully researched content to take your digital presence to the next level.


Content is the cloud of relevance that surrounds your products or services. It aims to capture and engage your target audience to eventually lead them down the conversion funnel that we designed as part of your content strategy.


Once we have done our research, defined our strategy and planned out our campaign ideas, we can create superb content for you that doesn’t only read well and look good but is bound to help you succeed. As a full-service content creation agency, our services go beyond just SEO copywriting – they extend all the way to graphic design, microsite development, photography, illustrations and interviews.


Indeed, content can span all channels. That’s why we count organic social media content, email marketing content, blog content and contributing content as part of our arsenal. By taking a cross-channel approach, we ensure that the content strategy you’ve chosen reaches as many relevant people as possible, so you get the most value from your investments – all without the monsters, villagers, pitchforks and fire.


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Beyond SEO Copywriting

At Passion Digital, we love going above and beyond in creating content that serves your target group as well as your business. That’s why all content we create, from blog posts to bespoke interactives, are optimised for audience engagement and designed to rank in search engines. Even our most basic blog posts are crafted with the utmost care, including beautiful imagery, embedded social media posts and/or embedded videos.

Types of Content

Depending on where we have identified the most opportunity for your brand, we can create different types of content to meet your objectives. We categorise our content efforts according to the hygiene, hub, hero model:

  • Hero content is all-singing, all dancing content that helps you stand out from the crowd, attract backlinks and social shares. It usually involves some level of design and development input and can take the shape of quizzes, interactives, interviews, microsites, animated videos and other exciting assets.
  • Hub content lets your audience know you are alive and with the times – it can evolve around updates, trends, awareness days, news and events in your industry. Your blog, your email newsletter and your social media pages are all perfect channels for hub content.
  • Hygiene content forms the basis of your online presence – it includes, amongst others, SEO-optimised landing pages and evergreen blog posts. Its main purpose is to rank for the key phrases that are most important to your brand.

Take Your Content to the Next Level

Are you ready to find out what type of content is best for your brand? Talk to us today, or find out more about how we get eyes on your carefully crafted content once it’s been created.

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