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We’re not going to lie to you – anyone can look at some data and tell you what it says. But, as you’ll come to find out, we’re not just anyone: we’re Passion Digital.

Good research and insight work transcends channels and should always be the starting point for any new campaign. At Passion Digital, our research methods allow us to get to know your industry, your brand and your audience quickly and intimately.

We know that data and insights aren’t one and the same thing. While other agencies might observe a performance change and report on it passively, we go out of our way to find out when, where, why and who was the cause of it, all in order to answer the all-important question: “what are we going to do about it?”.

In everything we do, our favourite way of working is as an extension of your team. Armed with any research you might have already done, we identify where there are opportunities to learn more about your audience, your competitors and your current activity, so we can make sure that we’re doing all the right things from the start.

So what do you say? Are you looking for just anyone to rattle off what your performance report says or are you looking for Passion Digital to give you valuable insights that will benefit your business now and in the future?

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Informed Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to strategising your digital marketing activity for the next year, you really shouldn’t rely on ‘our opinion’. Everything we suggest is based on data and insight, sprinkled with a touch of experience and creativity. At Passion, we make a point of hiring the best and brightest in their area, to ensure you always get an expert eye. But most of all, we use our research skills to extract relevant data and distill it into value for your business. Leave us to the spreadsheets – we’ll give you easy-to-digest insights into where your business is at, who you should be talking to and how you compare in the market.

The Tools we Use

The tools we use allow us to optimise our content for SEO, social engagement, outreach potential, audience targeting, content gaps and more! Here is a quick pick of our favourites.


Know Where You’re At with Passion Digital

If you want a well-informed digital marketing strategy based on research and insight, we’re your gals and guys! Contact us today to enquire about our audits, audience analysis and online market research work. Speak soon!

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