Digital Marketing for Cryptocurrencies

Digital Marketing for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become a staple of the financial and digital worlds, having successfully brought the two together and, in a way, created something entirely different.

Every new step in the digital world opens up opportunity for digital marketing, which is where Passion Digital can help you and your business.

Why cryptocurrencies and blockchain are marketing gold for your business


Cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups can offer several unique selling points that some of their larger and more established rivals can’t. Adopting blockchain allows for a level of transparency usually unseen in larger businesses. While an attractive aspect of cryptocurrencies is the high level of privacy they can offer, this can coexist with high levels of transparency from organisation adopting the technology.

Blockchain exists on the principle that every holding and transaction on each public address are open to viewing. This level of transparency has never been seen before in a financial system. We can help promote this aspect of your business, gaining you customers and improving your industry standing.

Allow your customers to control their personal data

As a public ledger, blockchain allows users to see what of their personal data is available through using the service and, crucially, who has accessed it.

This level of ownership over personal data has never been offered by a financial institution before. As a highly topical issue, promoting your organisation as one that values customers’ personal data while actively working to protect it is a progressive tactic. Our marketing and outreach experts can help you ensure your message within your cryptocurrency work is crafted in the right way and seen by the right people.

Stay ahead of the trend

When bitcoin first started making headlines the companies heavily involved in traditional financial transactions turned their nose up at it, often uttering those fateful words, ‘it will never catch on’. As cryptocurrencies have grown and started to shape their own market, it has become impossible to deny their power and their buzz they generate.

It’s important for brand to appear eager to adopt new technologies, rather than being afraid of them. We can help promote your business as an early adopter of blockchain technology.

Whether you envisage a sharp social media campaign, attention-grabbing content or want your search engine optimisation perfected to improve your digital marketing, our team of experts can help further your efforts in becoming an adopter of cryptocurrencies.

How we can help bringing your Cryptocurrency digital marketing to the next level?

Web Design and Development

Your website needs to provide a sense of security and trustworthiness, offer your potential customers an easy user journey and reflect your services in a clear and concise way. Your site should be simple to navigate and make it easy for the customers to do what you want them to do (get in touch, register, request more information etc).

We are design and development experts with years of experience in providing successful designs and meaningful user journeys that lead to conversion.

SEO & Content Marketing

Before making sure your customers understand your website and are ready to convert, you need to ensure they get to it easily. Our team of experts will ensure your site is technically sound from all perspectives and complies with Google best practice (more difficult than it seems!) while targeting the right keywords in the right places. We can also make sure your site is updated consistently with new content that will fulfil the user’s intent and answer their queries in the right way.

Paid Search, Remarketing and Display

Cryptocurrency is a very competitive industry, and because of this you might want your organic traffic to be topped up with some extra oomph.

Having in mind legal constrains we can build your Adwords accounts from scratch, advise you in the keywords you should target and creation of high-converting landing pages for optimal quality scores. Remarketing and Display works really well as they reach the customers once they are already interested – for example when they have already been on your site but failed to initially convert, or when looking at information on cryptocurrencies on other websites – through banner ads that are cheap and help you improve your brand awareness.

Social Media marketing

Whether you want to build a strong online community on your social media platforms or if you’re looking to reach new audiences, social media offers plenty of options and advertising formats that can be used, depending on your requirements.

Our team of social media experts can help you decide what the best course of action is depending on your goals, your audience and what you want to achieve.

We can help with many other digital marketing tactics for cryptocurrency companies, like online PR, press release creation and amplification, advanced content generation, email marketing, and much more.

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