226 % increase in revenue, year on year
    35 % decrease in CPA (£15.12 in 2014 to £9.71 in 2015)
    21 % increase in ROAS (£2.07 in 2014 to £2.51 in 2015)
    50 % decrease in CPC (from £0.81 in 2014 to £0.40 in 2015)

Science Museum - A Paid Search Success Story


The Science Museum online gift shop

The Science Museum shop is an e-commerce platform selling toys and gadgets.  Passion Digital was approached to improve the profitability of their campaigns across paid search and paid social.

The Science Museum Shop required an overhaul of their search and social marketing to take their Christmas campaign performance to the next level, expanding product targeting, exploring additional avenues (such as PLAs) and broadening their platform targeting to include additional sources, such as Facebook & Bing Ads.


Building on previous top performers

Taking previous Christmas campaign performance to determine the most effective areas of activity we aimed to create the most immediately impactful campaign possible. To achieve this, we sourced all historical data available, which was compiled to provide us with an overview of previous top performing products, campaigns and time periods.

This was utilised to formulate our initial strategy only, which we then combined with our own data to make effective optimisation decisions, resulting in steady growth of revenue and improvements in ROAS.

Our Facebook activity consisted of utilising the carousel ad format, which gave us the versatility to group several different products together and deliver them to key interest groups. For an E-commerce campaign with over 600 products, it was essential that we could retarget people at scale. To achieve this, we utilised Facebook dynamic product ads, with highly personalised messaging, as well as updates on any offers and similar items.

We created automated reporting calculators to determine the most appropriate daily budgets for the remainder of the campaign allowing us to maintain a dynamic approach to reallocation of these budgets on a daily basis.


How we made a difference

This dynamic approach to budgeting provided us with the ability to determine the types of campaigns we wanted to target on any given day; for days allocated less budget we relied more heavily on brand campaigns, expanding our coverage to include additional non-brand, product specific keywords, as well as integrating Google Shopping ads for those allocated more budget.

These daily and overtime performance insights and the forecasts available with such immediacy allowed us to focus more closely on the details, which ultimately generated dramatic improvements in performance.

  • 226% increase in revenue, year on year
  • 35% decrease in CPA (£15.12 in 2014 to £9.71 in 2015)
  • 21% increase in ROAS (£2.07 in 2014 to £2.51 in 2015)
  • 50% decrease in CPC (from £0.81 in 2014 to £0.40 in 2015)

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Science Museum
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