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Keeping Up With The Queen


In the run up to her 90th birthday, Passion Digital created an online tool which served as both a celebration of all the Queen has achieved in her life, as well as allowing users to compare their own accomplishments with Her Majesty. A user can input their age and be presented with highlights of what the Queen has accomplished at that age in her own life. You can visit the site here.


Passion Digital was tasked with the challenge of creating a micro-site for a client, which would act as a linkable asset and a tool through which we could generate substantial digital PR.

In order to generate a real buzz, we opted to look for a national event we could utilise, without tapping into the usual suspects; The Superbowl, The Olympics, Christmas etc. We made the decision early on to ‘piggy back’ Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. This was particularly useful, as unlike any other person in the World, Her Majesty celebrates her birthday twice.

This translates into double the opportunity for outreach and PR, something no other suitable event would have provided.


As a result of the quality of the website, the timely nature of its release and a strategic approach to digital PR, the site has been extremely successful in terms of uptake in mainstream media and social reach.

In the first month alone, the website had received almost 40,000 impressions, predominantly being generated by a combination of noteworthy social mentions and editorial pieces in national publications. To date, the site had generated 115 referring domains (backlinks) and continues to generate more,

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