60 % increase in organic traffic Year-on-Year
    1 st ranking 1st place for primary keywords ahead of competitors Xero, Clearbooks, Kashflow and Sage
    5 x as many leads by the end of week one
    12 % conversion rate; higher than the industry standard

KPMG Small Business Accounting


Online accounting for small business

KPMG Small Business Accounting are a new branch of the 4th biggest accountancy firm in the world.  Their product is an online accounting service especially designed for small businesses.


Improvings ranking and recovering organic traffic

KPMG appointed Passion Digital in early 2015 challenged with improving the organic visibility of a brand new website (due to brand considerations the old domain was not redirected).

Without redirecting links or content – therefore losing all previous SEO value – the client tasked us with recovering all organic traffic and to improve rankings for their primary keywords.


A thorough SEO strategy, CRO analysis & content optimisation

Pre-launch we made sure that were in the best possible position in terms of SEO.   Thorough keyword research, an analysis of the site structure and landing page design ensured we would make the best possible start.

This preliminary SEO work, combined with our UX & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) recommendations, meant that very little on-site work was required once the new was ready to launch.

Content optimisation and keyword mapping was the next step, to ensure there was sufficient relevant information on the site to generate links and increase domain authority.  This involved the creation of a targeted content calendar, which was shaped in partnership with KPMG’s internal team.

Link building through Digital PR

As the KPMG brand is widely known and respected, we adopted a thought leadership approach to link building. We adopted a digital PR strategy and contacted various business-related websites to offer a leadership piece signed by KPMG SBA.  As the content was of a sufficient quality and the websites were respectable, we were able generate a large number of authoritative, relevant links.


How we made a difference

Within the first two days the campaign had generated 3x the volume of leads they had received since before Passion Digital were appointed. In addition to the increase in conversions, we also achieved a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) far lower than KPMGs target. By the end of week one, the volume of leads generated was 5x the volume of leads in the week prior.

We have continued to work with KPMG SBA through a number of digital channels, continuing to proactively refine and optimise campaigns on an on-going basis.
Over time, the quality of the leads provided has also proven to be extremely high; 12% of leads convert in to paying customers, which is far higher than any other paid channels currently in use by KPMG Small Business Accounting.


“This is definitely worthy of a case study for our lead generation ad format. We’re really pleased to see KPMG generating such great results, you’re one of the first we’ve seen in the UK using Twitter advertising to its full potential” Account Manager, Twitter.

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