6 New vans bought
    141 Happy new repeat customers in 2014
    240 % Organic traffic
    321 % 2014 enquiries compared to same period in 2013


We’re thrilled to be working with Junkwize. They’re a fast growing rubbish collection & removal company which serves the residents and businesses of Greater London in an environmentally friendly way.

Since we started in July 2013, Google organic traffic has:

  • Increased 228%
  • The estimated percentage of first-time visits has increased 60%
  • The number of first-time visits has increased 424%

Our focus has been on optimising the website so that search engines can easily access all of the information it contains. We have created page titles and meta descriptions, a regularly updated blog, onsite resources for visitors and promoted the content and services across the internet. The aim with JunkWize is to become visible for a particular service, in a particular area and our results so far indicate that this is exactly what we are helping them do.


The number of enquiries through our site have increased exponentially since Passion Digital commenced their digital marketing work. Those new enquiries are now coming back to us directly as repeat customers, allowing us to reinvest our budgets back into acquiring new clients.

Increase in Repeat Customers Vs Organic Traffic Increase

Repeat customers have continued to rise in very close correlation to the increases generated in organic traffic to the site.

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