15 % increase in Google organic traffic (2014 vs 2013)
    31 % increase in first time visitors from Google organic traffic (2014 vs 2013)
    10 medically focused outreached in 10+ countries
    30 % increase in clicks through PPC (2014 vs 2013)

Action Medical Research


Action Medical Research have entrusted us with their digital marketing work for years and we are immensely proud of this fact as an agency. They are an incredible charity which for more than 60 years has been funding pioneering medical research into rare diseases which impact children. We take care of their SEO and PPC and we’ve seen generated fantastic results for them so far.


In an age when people are constantly asked to donate money to charities, we need to make sure that everything we do for Action really stands out. Many charities run similar fundraising events to AMR, like bike rides and walks so getting them ranked above those charities is a tough task.

In regard to PPC, AMR were running Google Adwords ads through the Google Grant scheme. This offers charities up to £6,000 free advertising per month, however it restricts targeting just UK visitors, with a £1.35 bid limit on search terms to bid on. Adverts on Google being run by competing charities were getting shown above them which meant they were struggling to spend the £6,000 available to them.


Our onsite SEO strategy sees us involved in every aspect of the creation of new pages and the maintenance and improvement of old ones. The PPC team are also involved at this stage, ensuring that there are sufficient calls to action on new pages and that overall we are presenting all the appropriate information in the best way possible. We then promote information on their research, appeals they manage and the events which they run, gaining them links of real value.

With PPC, we built a granular campaign structure in the account. Rather than target few of the most used search queries (short tail) which cost more, we targeted many of the less used keywords (long tail) enabling our ads to appear in higher positions due to less competition. Due to the Google Grant being free, we also targeted a large volume of generic keywords using all match types and setting bids to the maximum of $2 which often brought in traffic from search terms we thought would cost more.


The results of this work over the years has been tremendous. We’ve been able to work closely with members of Action who implement what we recommend to great effect. We now see consistent growth month on month and year on year and at every 2 months, we review what work we’ve been doing and formalise new strategies to target new aspects of their work. Their Google Grant account now spends £6,000 per month healthily which has results in a significant increase in traffic at no extra cost.

Action Medical Research
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