Zapp believes that going electric should be fun


ZAPP scooters is the new standard for electric vehicles.

The client initially approached us for digital marketing work and ended up asking us to also help develop their desktop and mobile platforms, following an in-depth UX audit. We worked alongside a team of international designers and developers as UX consultants, providing feedback and direction for every aspect of digital development. We are currently managing their entire digital marketing strategy and implementation.


To help design a new website to support the launch of the new product range in the UK and EU. Alongside the website, we were tasked with developing and streamline a new tool within the website which would allow users from around the world to customise and share their own designs. The aim was to maximise user engagement and effective exposure of the revolutionary product on all digital platforms and media.

We created social, content and DM strategies to help launch ZAPPs first electric scooter in the UK. As well as working closely with a big automotive PR agency and the client we also consulted on UX to create several new streamlined platforms and services for the launch. Our design team helped to manage both designers and developers in Thailand to create new platforms for the launch of the product. As well as two websites, we designed a new customisation tool to engage the target demographics and allow people to customise their own scooter prior to the launch.


Due to the large number of stakeholders and teams involved in this project, our approach was very methodical. We worked collaboratively with both internal and external teams, making sure goals and timelines were in alignment.

Externally, we worked with a large automotive PR agency and two teams in Thailand, one specialising in design and another in development and media. Due to time constraints and the nature of the international teams, we were given full autonomy of the user experience, running audits, workshops and testing with users.

As well as managing tasks with external teams, there was also a large amount of cross-over with our internal teams. SEO, Content, PPC and Web all worked meticulously together to create the best experience for users, as well as optimise and maximise exposure and drive traffic to the new platforms.