Brochure website for one of the UK's leading Food To Go brands.


URBAN eat have been creating innovative, delicious, wholesome ‘eat now’ food with an urban cultured twist since bursting onto the Food To Go scene back in 2010. They approached us with the need for a new responsive brochure website showcasing their full range of products, blog and recipe content and company history.


The new website, to be fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices, across all modern screen sizes and browsers, had the primary goal of increasing brand awareness. Together with our Social Media marketing, the website needed to allow users to engage with the brand and find out everything they need to know about the company and their products.

The look and feel of the site needed to reflect the handcrafted feel of the brand’s packaging, with textures, colours and potato print graphics interspersed with high-quality product photography.

Above all, the website had to categorise the products and the different ranges URBAN eat offer effectively to allow customers with specific dietary preferences and requirements to see what products they can enjoy.


Working closely with URBAN eat’s branding agency, 2304, we overcame the challenges involved in translating the handcrafted aesthetic of the packaging into a modern, fully responsive brochure website.

Through filtering and organising products according to the different ranges and protein indicators, as well as providing clear colour coded breakdowns of nutritional values, users can easily discover products for all diet types and occasions, to enjoy as a convenient but tasty lunch on the go.

With a big social media presence, it was important to make the most of this on the website through a custom social wall and blog content strategy, resulting in a lasting connection between consumers and the URBAN eat brand, ensuring they not only recognise URBAN eat as a leading Food To Go brand, but actively seek to find their products on the shelves as their number one choice.