The Ultimate Travel Company Web Case Study

The ultimate user-focused luxury travel experience.

The Challenge.

The Ultimate Travel Company is the umbrella company of four distinct travel operators – including Ultimate itself, Bridge & Wickers, Ultimate Challenges and Specialtours. Each of these company’s sites had their own look and feel and built on different frameworks and content management systems. Our job was to reconcile all four sites’ to fall in line with the overall Ultimate brand and migrate over 5,000 pages and years’ worth of content to a brand-new, WordPress multi-site installation, which would be the new hub of The Ultimate Travel Company’s online presence

The Ultimate Travel Company is a luxury holiday and tour operator who specialise in creating bespoke travel experiences. Their expert team help customers create memorable and tailored holidays to the most eye-wateringly beautiful locations in the world. They are called The Ultimate Travel Company for a reason and we believe them.

Our response.

Digital marketing is a big part of Ultimate’s overall strategy and the new site had to be totally SEO-friendly and all-powerful in the eyes of Google and designed for maximum return on paid conversions.



Our research phase for all four Ultimate sites was our biggest exercise in discovering and formulating the ideal user experience strategy. We studied the old sites’ user analytics and behavioural patterns meticulously and really got inside the head of an Ultimate user.

This informed all our UX design decisions and helped us formulate a brand new structure for their sites which would ultimately (pun intended) guide us in mapping out the mammoth content migration effectively and in such a way that search engines would be able to recognise all of these changes.

Similarly, a brand new, modern, polished and fully responsive user interface was designed from the ground up, looking at where users were struggling to access content and features on the old site and making the process a lot more accessible and engaging.

  • 4

    Site WordPress network

  • 5000

    Pages of content

  • 30%

    Increase in page views

The impact.

It was a huge undertaking but we have launched both The Ultimate Travel Company and Bridge & Wickers’ websites with Specialtours and Ultimate Challenges currently in development within the same multi-site network. Four sites, one administration area, multiple teams collaborating effectively and with brand consistency. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and to see a real force in the travel industry finally looking the part and doing their loyal customer base a favour!


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