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Lockdown bounce back – boosting leads by +1,388%

Through thorough interrogation of data, we devised a PPC strategy that resulted in an increase in leads by 1,388%, a 51% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL) and a 67% increase in conversion rate.

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Project Background

The Ultimate Travel Company has over 30 years of experience creating worldwide holidays.

They called on Passion to support them in bouncing back from lockdown by driving more leads.   

Our Strategy

We first started by restructuring their Google Ads account to make bidding more efficient. To help inform budget phasing – both throughout the year as well as across each month – we created a seasonality ‘heatmap’ based on search volume for each destination and country.

To help cover all types of searches, we looked to group together keywords as opposed to segmenting. This allowed the data to guide us in bidding on the right terms as time progressed.

We revamped the brand account to help achieve >90% impression share by bidding on core terms only, allowing match types to pick up other related brand terms, rather than attempting to achieve maximum impression share for all of them.

Results & Stats


increase in leads


decrease in CPL


increase in conversion rate

In the period between April and July 2022, we delivered a 1,388% increase in leads for The Ultimate Travel Company and an increase of 67% in their conversion rate. We also saw a decrease in CPL of 51%.

Emma Clark

Marketing Manager

Ultimate has worked closely with Passion’s website development team for many years and more recently with the PPC team. They are a fantastic and efficient company who always come up with great solutions and recommendations no matter what the problem is. We look forward to continuing our good working relationship with them!