The Science Museum

Using Historic Data to improve performance year after year

We delivered a great Christmas present for the Science Museum Shop in Christmas 2021, with close to 4,000 transactions, alongside increasing their seasonal campaign revenue by over 20%

Services provided:

About The Project

The Science Museum shop is an e-commerce platform selling science-themed and exhibition range toys and gadgets. Passion was first approached to improve the profitability of campaigns across paid Shopping throughout the Christmas period back in 2015. Passion has now carried out this campaign ever since and was challenged to continue improving performance.

Our Strategy

Utilising historic data, we determined the most effective areas of activity and continued to build on these as a consistent source of revenue while we explored additional opportunities. One of which was the full utilisation of ‘Automated Bid Strategies’ and ‘Smart Campaigns’. Back in 2020, we were quite hesitant to implement these. However, 2021 saw us go all-in, thanks to the improvements in the performance of the Google products. We also used DataFeedWatch to optimise product feed, and the Google Sheets functionality allowed for streamlined feed updates (Custom Labels), further enabling us to create effective
campaign structures.

Results & Stats


decrease in costs


increase in revenue


increase in ROAS

The results show the importance of having a flexible, dynamic campaign strategy. By breaking out campaigns by price, we were able to easily adjust budgets to the most profitable products.

Science Museum are one of our longest-serving clients and we love working with them. Having seen our best year to-date, we’re not resting on our laurels. We can’t wait to go even further and introduce new platforms, test exciting new strategies, and smash our targets again.

Scarlett Giannakou

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Freelancer

Freddie & the team head up our PPC account for the Science Museum. We are mainly focusing on Google shopping and search, where we have 500-800 products online at any
given time. We just had a really great end of 2021 – our busy Q4 Christmas period, Freddie was driving a high ROAS and hitting targets/forecasts across the board. He has been great
with any ad-hoc requests and explaining the management of the account to the new starters in the team. Passion Digital comes highly recommended!