The Royal Society

300,000 Reasons Why YouTube Ads Beat TV

The Royal Society

About the project

The Royal Society created a six-part series of interviews led by Brian Cox. Significant amounts of time and effort had gone into their production, so they were keen to ensure the relevant exposure they gained merited the input, as previously they’d been disappointed with the return.

What we did

The Royal Society had an aim to drive a few thousand views per video. We then sent them over a forecast detailing what they should realistically expect to reach within their budget. This was based on the average CPV (cost per view) and an industry VTR (view-through rate). In total, across all videos, we aimed to reach a combined 70,000 views.

In terms of targeting, we wanted to make sure that we were hitting a varied audience, yet one which would likely show strong engagement with the content. We targeted those across every device, desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TV and video game console. We wanted to be fully inclusive of all ages and people with varied interests.


views across all videos (+364% more than predicted)


CPV (cost per view) cheaper than industry standard


VTR (view-through rate) higher than industry standard.


likes across all videos


video clicks (to watch full series)


shares, helping drive additional +55,000 views

Results & Stats

Within the first week of the 5-week campaign we smashed all targets. There is no way you could achieve this kind of measurable performance from a TV campaign, hence our love for YouTube advertising! Given YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, the possibilities for brands here are massive.