The Invisible Painter

Transforming a Small Business

About the project

The Invisible Painter is a full-service office fit out and refurbishment company focused on serving the London market, specialising in commercial work, often in the form of office fit-outs. It’s perfectly possible for one job to be worth millions, so competition for online visibility is fierce. Our job was simply to increase the number of quality enquiries originating from the website.

What we did

Initially, we sat down with the client and discussed what their dream enquiry looked like. This allowed us to do subsequent keyword research focussed on both services offered as well as ideal customers (demographic and location).

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Upon finalising a set of keywords we wanted to be visible for in the search results, we then went about ensuring the website had relevant landing pages for each targeted term, with the aim of boosting them for their core term office fit out and refurbishment. At the same time, we went to great lengths to analyse how people were using the old site, so we could redesign and reposition all the various elements in the most user friendly way possible. This focus on UX and CRO is ongoing.

We then started to drive relevant traffic through to the site using both PPC and SEO. With SEO, we sought to create perfectly optimised pages, which could rank even without much domain authority. Terms targeted varied from the very broad to the very niche. As we started to rank for more niche keywords, our broader keyword rankings improved.

With PPC, we used every extension available to us in AdWords, with us also putting in place a tailored remarketing strategy, meaning we could continue to market to those who showed an interest in our services but didn’t enquire.

0.25% > 12.50%

Conversion rate evolution


Increase in goal completions per month


Increase in session duration


Total traffic increase

Results & Stats

Whereas once the website was little more than a static page, which produced very little measurable benefit to the business, it is now the prime source of enquiries for it.