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Pink Elephant Parking

Pink Elephant Parking


Pink Elephant Parking is the UK’s most famous airport parking company, having served millions of passengers since 1992. They wanted a fresh and engaging website, with a focus on creating a convenient booking process with an injection of modern web design and technologies.


Getting airport parking booked before a holiday can be a hassle. The main aim of the new site was to provide a convenient, hassle free solution for comparing and booking airport parking. As well as this, the new site needed to have a fresh, friendly User Interface, and house useful and engaging content for customers in order to build a relationship with the brand.

Pink Elephant is a well-known and iconic brand within the airport parking sector, however their digital presence was almost non-existent. Our ultimate objective was to ensure the Pink Elephant website is a go-to when booking airport parking.


The backbone of the site was built around the existing airport parking API. Working with this, we created a modern yet fun interface, with a focus on ensuring an effective, hassle-free user experience. We stripped out any unnecessary steps during the search and booking process, resulting in a site that is convenient and serves its purpose simply and efficiently.

The overall design direction was driven by an illustrative, family-friendly feel, utilising vector graphics as opposed to large imagery, whilst again stripping out any unnecessary distraction from the purpose of the website – to easily search and book airport parking.