Morfus UK

High-quality, adaptive modular furniture systems designed & manufactured in the UK.


Morfus UK is a furniture design company that specialises in sustainable and innovative pieces for the modern home.

As one of London’s leading design firms, they required a website that matched their creative and forward-thinking approach.


On first look, Morphus furniture immediately strikes you as modern, clean and very stylish. So in keeping in line with their ethos, our objective was to deliver a website which ticked the same boxes.

Therefore it needed to be a site which had to deliver their passion for customer service, peerless product quality and sustainability. Getting this message across is no easy feat, but at Passion Digital we always strive to tackle these challenges head on.


Morfus is known for taking an innovative approach to design, so we gave them a WordPress build which kept to that standard.

Our approach was to audit their existing website, and make considerable improvements in the UX design. From there our development team took control and implemented these changes, giving Morphus a stylish new site which stays true to their philosophy or design excellence and first-rate customer service.