Launching an e-commerce brand in multiple markets

One year after launch, our social activity has raised awareness of a new luxury spirits brand across the world. We’re particularly proud that our innovative Instagram strategy gained them +7000 followers in just 3 months.

Services provided:
Insight and Strategy

We put together a launch strategy for a luxury spirit brand in December 2020, focusing on 3 initial markets: the UK, USA and Mexico.

These markets presented different challenges. In Mexico the agave spirit that the brand sells is well known and there are many local brands competing for share of voice; in the USA, southern states such as California have high awareness of the spirit but in other states it is very low; and in the UK, knowledge of the category is close to non-existent.

The brand challenged Passion Digital to build brand equity in these markets, amplify reach and increase engagement. In Mexico and California we needed to upsell existing drinkers and justify trying a luxury brand, while in the UK and the rest of the US we needed to introduce the category and establish the brand as recognisable and aspirational, piquing interest and facilitating engagement and consideration. They also challenged us to grow their Instagram following with a target of 10k followers by the end of their first year.

Audience research and persona development

As with most startups, research was the first step. We started by interrogating the audience and developed distinct personas for each market. We then devised and implemented custom user journeys for each persona aligned to their individual behaviours and motivations, which differed based ontheir awareness of the category.


Building an engaged community

Another challenge that the brand presented for us was to grow their Instagram following by 10k. We jumped at this opportunity and identified top performing organic posts that showcased the product, communicated the brand story and delivered high organic engagement with existing following. We then boosted these posts to key audiences, while closely monitoring performance and provided recommendations to refine and improve future posts based on paid engagement levels.

Content creation with a purpose

After getting set up and results coming in through paid media, we shifted our attention to content marketing. Through analysing Google search query volumes, we found there was significant interest in differentiating between similar spirits in both the UK and US market. This presented an opportunity for the brand to establish themselves as the authority in the category and be the ones to introduce their spirit to a curious audience.

Together with the brand’s talented content creators we helped to create an onsite blog post optimised for SEO accompanied by an infographic, which was repurposed as an Instagram carousel post. We then boosted this post on Instagram to maximise discoverability, targeting specific audience subsets.

Our keyword research also identified that people in our novice markets were searching for cocktail-related phrases. We gave recommendations for optimising the client’s existing body of cocktail recipes onsite and came up with a similar Instagram post boosting strategy as a way of introducing a new audience to the spirit.

Chief Marketing Officer

Luxury Spirits Brand

As a new start-up business, we were looking for an agency to help devise a global go-to-market digital strategy for our luxury spirit brand. Our ambition was to partner with a team whose passion and enthusiasm for our business was matched by an ability to apply their digital knowledge and expertise to the economic realities of launching a new brand with a digital-first mindset, not least during a period marked by continuous change due to COVID-19 disruptions.

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Cost per Acquisition

Audience Research and Persona Development

In the three months since launch, with a limited budget of £12,000, we achieved astounding results that surpassed our targets in terms of reach, visits and cost.

Chief Marketing Officer

Luxury Spirits Brand

In Passion we have found a collaborative agency partner with a constructive, can-do approach, who are both responsive and proactive and a true extension to our team. They showed a strong understanding of the challenges facing a start-up and are able to work both nimbly and at pace.

Results & Stats






followers from a single post

Page 1 rankings

for optimised content

Content creation with a purpose

In the 12 months since launch, we achieved:

Page 1 ranking in Google for the optimised content, visible to over 5,000 searchers per day and delivering 100s of new users to the site daily and over 17k likes on the adapted Instagram post, almost 300 comments and delivered c.10k page followers on its own

Chief Marketing Officer

Luxury Spirits Brand

We have greatly benefited from their cross-channel expertise, working with their Insight and Strategy, Paid Media, SEO and UX experts to maximise our marketing efforts. With challenging KPIs in place for year one, we are very happy with our results to date and are delighted to continue to work together as we scale up over the coming year.

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Building an engaged community

In 90 days of running the Instagram follower growth strategy, we achieved over 1o.9 followers (+27k followers now!) and almost 40k interactions with the content, including shares, likes, saves or comments at a lower than targeted cost.