KPMG Small Business Accounting

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KPMG Small Business Accounting

About the project

KPMG Small Business Accounting is a new branch of the 4th biggest accountancy firm in the world. Their product is an online accounting service specially designed for small businesses and contractors that help small business owners focus on what is really important. Our task was to improve the organic visibility of their new website.

What we did

In 2015, we were challenged with improving the organic visibility of their brand new website.
Without redirecting links or content (due to brand considerations) – therefore losing all previous SEO value – the client tasked us with recovering all organic traffic and to improve rankings for their primary keywords.

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We did achieve this for KPMG small business accounting by having a thorough SEO strategy, conducting CRO analysis & content optimisation and a Digital PR approach to Link building.

Pre-launch we conducted keyword research, an analysis of the site structure and a thorough UX & CRO audit, recommendations which were implemented swiftly by the KPMG team.

Content creation and optimisation were next; ensuring there was sufficient relevant information on the site to generate links and increase domain authority.  This involved the creation of a targeted content calendar and the creation of new landing pages with SEO potential.

As the KPMG brand is widely known and respected, we adopted a thought leadership approach to link building. Acting as a Digital PR agency, we contacted various business-related websites to offer leadership pieces signed by KPMG SBA.  As the content was of sufficient quality and the websites were respectable, we could generate many authoritative, relevant links.


increase in sessions - 4,692 vs 1,480


increase in new users - 3,774 vs 890


increase in goal completions (enquiries) - 93 vs 49

Results & Stats

Results have been phenomenal and within 4 months of starting SEO work we were already ranking #1 for the key term “small business accounting” and variations.