Re-design and development of london
rubbish clearance website


Junkwize are an awesome rubbish clearance company in London. There are lots of these businesses cropping up in the big smoke, each with their own distinctive branding so it’s important for Junkwize to really stand out from the competition.

increase in booking completions
increase in pageviews
decrease in bounce rate


Junkwize was in dire need of an upgrade. Built on a primitive, custom CMS with a dated user interface template, the site was incredibly difficult for our digital marketing team to optimise and improve conversions through the site. That’s the objective, after all – to increase the number of bookings that were made through the site from the booking form and the telephone number.

We pitched the idea of overhauling the entire design and improving the user experience by creating a modern, responsive design with a greatly simplified site architecture and user flow based on hard data from the existing site.


We knew that we needed to take a radical approach to the design in order to bring the website up to date, but we couldn’t alienate the user base for a business which is so reliant on their website. We looked very closely at the old site’s data gathered from Google Analytics to determine the best approach for the re-design. From this starting point, we could begin to map out a new user journey and sketch out conversion-sensitive aspects of the interface such as forms.

Using tools such as Hotjar, we could analyse user behaviour down to each individual user’s interactions with the site, which helped us make intelligent decisions on how to convert users quicker.


We launched the new Junkwize website in January 2015 and the results achieved speak for themselves, making the case that good, user-focused design should never be underestimated for businesses of all sizes.

Key measurables are up across the board and the move to responsive design has had a very positive impact on the site’s search presence. Additionally, we secured the site using an SSL license and increased the server capacity to provide a swift and secure browsing experience.


“Passion have built a great website for Junkwize. Our fleet has doubled in size since the launch of the new responsive site.

Alessandro Maccioni Managing Director, Junkwize