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After almost two years working with John Lewis of Hungerford, the strong results and year-on-year gains couldn’t be more obvious.

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About The Project

A lot has changed since John Lewis of Hungerford’s humble beginnings in 1972, when founder John Lewis opened his first hand-crafted wood furniture shop in Hungerford.

Fast forward to 2022 and John Lewis of Hungerford is still upholding its high standards of quality and attention to detail, with the company now firmly cemented as one of the UK’s most iconic names in luxury painted kitchens and furniture.

After migrating to a brand new website in 2019, John Lewis of Hungerford appointed Passion Digital to support with their SEO and content marketing strategy, and ever since work began, the brand’s organic presence has continued to go from strength to strength.

Our Strategy

To supercharge their organic presence in search engines like Google, our overarching mission has been to position John Lewis of Hungerford as an authority in the luxury kitchen and furniture space. We made this possible by utilising a mix of technical SEO, on-site optimisation, content marketing and outreach.

After undertaking extensive keyword research to understand the scope of their sector, we refined our keyword set to pinpoint high priority terms to ultimately drive business for John Lewis of Hungerford. These keywords became a guiding force in our strategy to ensure that our work was in alignment with their business goals.

Technical SEO work carried out in the early stages of the campaign ensured that all existing and new on-page content was built upon the strongest foundations. For example, when our work on the John Lewis of Hungerford site began, Google had begun its move to mobile-first indexing, so making the website mobile-friendly became a top priority early on. We then drew our attention to addressing overall site health, page load speed and fixing both internal and external links to provide the best user experience for visitors.

On the content marketing front, we analysed trends in the luxury kitchen design industry and crafted four monthly blogs to target high-traffic topics. The campaign centred around publishing regular content updates to advise and inspire readers, focusing mainly on the company’s kitchen offerings, incorporating a clear internal linking strategy to relevant service pages, as well as other blogs and CTAs.

The focus of all of our work was to generate new organic enquiries which would allow their team to concentrate on providing the expert customer care and services that John Lewis of Hungerford has built its reputation on.

Results & Stats


increase in total organic sessions since Passion was appointed


increase in organic traffic to the blog


increase in organic keywords ranking in top 3 positions


highly commercial keywords ranking on Top 3


enquiries received from organic traffic only

Results & Stats

The results from our work have been phenomenal, with John Lewis’s organic visibility and rankings increasing non-stop since September 2021. The client is extremely happy as this increase in visibility has had a direct impact on the number of enquiries they receive and ultimately revenue for their business.