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Imperial College Business School

About the project

The Executive Education business - which sits within the world-renowned Imperial College Business School - deliver highly innovative open programmes which equip business leaders and senior executives with the knowledge to drive their businesses and careers forward. We delivered leads through LinkedIn and PPC advertising.

What we did

From 2016 to 2020 we worked with the Executive Education team to drive leads for some of their notable open programmes. Each programme was its own ‘campaign’, as the target audience and subject matter were extremely varied and often quite niche.

Advertising mediums utilised included PPC (Google, Bing, remarketing), Display and LinkedIn. On LinkedIn we leveraged many ad formats, including sponsored updates, InMails and Dynamic Ads, with more plotted out to test.

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Consistent in everything we did was heavy targeting, which helped minimise inefficient spend. Given the nature of the courses on offer, we had to take an advanced data-led approach to targeting, working closely with the client as we did so, to ensure the right courses were being advertised to the right people.


Increase in brochure downloads


Total Leads generated by our activity


Leads generated from LinkedIn


From PPC


Average Conversion Rate from LinkedIn ads

Results & Stats

Results varied greatly between the different programmes, as a direct result of how distinct each one was.

Across the board we gathered immeasurably valuable data to inform ongoing campaigns and drive continuous improvements to the efficiency of each one. We also knew that compared to the previous year, when the agency at the time ran much more loosely targeted Display activity to achieve the same objective, we were delivering far greater quantities of leads, which were also of superior quality.

"Working with Passion Digital has felt like having an extension of our own team; providing clear insights into performance, strategy adjustments and optimisation on a weekly basis to drive the increase in leads required. Our knowledge of how the channels perform and complement each other has allowed us to be smarter with our media spend, and continue to nurture prospective applicants for recurring programmes through remarketing features and data-capture.” Julie Coyne, Sales and Marketing Manager