About the project

GOOD HEMP is an e-commerce site dedicated to selling healthy, organic hemp related food products such as hemp oil, protein, seeds, flour and other supplements, which are stocked in most major UK supermarkets. They also provide a variety of modern, easy to make recipes that incorporate their products within them

What we did

We took a two pronged approach in order to increase the organic visibility of core pages within the site.

Firstly, we ensured the site was technically in a very good place for our purposes. This involved optimising core product related pages for the keywords which we wanted them to rank for.

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The overall site speed was dramatically improved using the skills present in our development team. Pages which competed against one another for visibility were analysed and consolidated, which again had a real positive impact on the rankings, especially on the protein and oil pages. Fresh, optimised content which had been created with search volume and relevancy in mind was also posted on the site, which led to a significant increase in blog related traffic.

We then set about gaining high quality links pointing to the core landing pages, mainly to the hemp seeds page, by outreaching to influential websites and bloggers in the health food sector. They were keen on writing about the products on offer as well as the various recipes which could be made from them.


Increase in sessions


Increase in new users


Increase in blog traffic

Results & Stats

Results have been phenomenally positive and since January we’ve seen targeted terms with a combined monthly search volume of more than 30,000 increase dramatically.

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