Good Hemp

Good Hemp have been making hemp-based products since 1999.


Good Hemp have been making hemp-based products since 1999.
Hemp has many uses, and the organisation promote the benefits of using the plant.


To keep in line with Good Hemp’s fresh branding, we wanted to deliver them a website with an equally fresh feel that reflects their ethos.

Good Hemp’s mission of promoting sustainability and planet-friendly eating is a powerful message that needed to stand out, so visually it was important we conveyed this message in a stylish way, using bold imagery and icons, yet not being afraid of utilising white space.

The main focus of the site was to direct the user to their product pages. Although not an e-commerce site, we still needed the user to be directed to the products, which they could then buy off Amazon. For this reason user experience and customer journey were incredible important considerations during the build.


Working in collaboration with Big Fish, we reviewed the designs and Implemented them using a WordPress framework. This enabled Good Hemp to continue managing their site content due to the easy CMS we implemented.

As with all of our sites it was important to develop the website to look just as good on mobile as it does on desktop, making it fully responsive.

We also wanted to tell the story of Good Hemp, allowing the user to fully understand where their products are coming from, leading to improved brand loyalty and increased sales.