Five Frontiers


We were approached by an individual who was about to embark on five incredible adventures around the world. They required a visually engaging website, where they could communicate the reasoning behind each trip, which predominately concerned raising awareness about environmental threats each location faced.


Our objective was simple: to educate visitors about why certain parts of the globe required special attention from governments and NGOs. Typically, this kind of topic can come across as complex and distant, so the client wanted the website to feel modern and contain features which would make vistors feel like they were on the trips with him.

The client didn’t want the users to feel as if they were being bombarded with dry statistics, which meant nothing to them in real terms. Instead, they wanted those on the site to learn without realising it. As such, the exciting details of each trip had to be clearly explained, before moving on to the more esoteric environmental details.


We spoke to the client at length about what he envisioned, to ensure that we were both aiming for the same end goal. Once we were confident that we were, we made it clear to the client what information we’d need in order to be able to formulate our plans for the design and development of the website.

With the design, as is often the case, structure was going to be vital. The five trips needed to be the focus of the site and simply having them appear in a dropdown wasn’t going to suffice.

Once final designs were approved, we commenced with the development work, which ran smoothly, before supporting the client with edits post-launch.