England Athletics

Forming a Running Community

England Athletics

About the project

RunTogether is a campaign run by England Athletics, a member organisation of UK Athletics. The aim of the campaign is to get one million more people running regularly by 2021. We were used for the launch period, when it was imperative campaigns got off to the right start.

What we did

To support the launch of the RunTogether campaign, we built and managed a campaign to drive registrations, community engagement and growth with key audiences for the initial four-month launch period.

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Using the allocated Social Media time, we executed a successful organic content strategy, which was also supported with paid elements. This ensured we generated a cost-effective CPA. We used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on both a paid and organic basis, utilising every feature available to us, which included the promotion of video content and canvas adverts.

With PPC, we were able to target those who have shown relevant intent by searching for certain terms in search engines, predominately surrounding local running clubs. Through this, we made recommendations that the website be edited in certain ways, which led to conversions increasing dramatically overnight.

With both channels, competitor analysis played a big role, as we could learn from established rivals what was going to work best. This accelerated our learning process early on, which is part of the reason we were able to so quickly hit our targets.




Website Sessions


Twitter Impressions


Facebook page likes

Results & Stats

We surpassed the client’s ambitious target for registrations by 44%, which was their primary aim.

We used the budget we had available to its best effect, ultimately achieving a set of results which we were genuinely proud of, especially given the competitiveness of the marketplace.