EIT Urban Mobility YouTube Case Study

Building Awareness through YouTube Ads.

The challenge.

EIT Urban Mobility were facing different challenges to build awareness of their free online courses. Passion were challenged to raise EIT’s profile by promoting related videos from their WebTV YouTube channel through YouTube Ads.

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Since January 2019, EIT Urban Mobility has been working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities to make them more liveable places.

Our response.

We responded to this challenge by launching 5 videos in October 2021. We worked closely with EIT to frequently refresh new, exciting content, ensuring audiences were not fatigued with similar ads.

We tested various ad formats, including In-Stream, targeting custom-built audiences (for example, people searching for similar courses/content on Google Search). Each video linked to a specific course, ensuring the content shown had a relevant landing page.

Once we gathered data, we were able to optimise performance by adjusting our bids on the best performing ad formats, audiences and videos which increased our view and click-through rates.

  • 3.5M


  • 650,000


  • 30.37%

    In-Stream View Rate

  • 7,500


The impact.

In the three months of running YouTube campaigns, our ads were seen by over 3,700,000 people, with 30% of those viewing for more than 30 seconds when In-Stream. We also saw a 22% increase in users viewing videos in full in the final month of running.

As a bonus, we were able to drive over 7500 clicks to the site.

Freddie and the team head up our PPC account for the Science Museum. We are mainly focusing on Google shopping and search, where we have 500-800 products online at any given time. We just had a really great end of 2021 – our busy Q4 Christmas period, Freddie was driving a high ROAS and hitting targets/forecasts across the board. He has been great
with any ad-hoc requests and explaining the management of the account to the new starters in the team. Passion Digital comes highly recommended!

Scarlett Giannakou Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Contractor

Knight Frank is a large global organisation with a vast Paid media strategy, to which our account team at Passion are pragmatic and quick to respond. Passion are a true partner to Knight Frank and we would highly recommend their paid media team. Thanks to them, we’ve definitely made considerable improvements to the technology we’re using. As a result, we’ve automated our ad efforts and saved a lot of time.

Passion is very transparent and honest. Additionally, the team is very agile and cost-efficient — they provide a significant amount of value for the price.

Anonymous Head of Social Media

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