Don Veeto

Don Veeto Wines


Don Veeto is a new online shop specialising in organic, biodynamic, SO2-free and vegan wine. They stock hundreds of hand-picked wines from artisan wine makers, who carefully avoid chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Technology and tradition are combined to select the top-rated organic wines from everywhere in the world.


Wine is a competitive industry. To set apart from the competitors, we hoped to transform the way that customers find and purchase wines online with original and creative ideas, where the user was able to discover wine from new perspectives with unique product filtering capabilities, convenient collection cases, and a highly detailed product page.


We talked extensively with the client about their vision for the brand. They wanted a completely individual, stand-out website, with innovative functionality and a clean and elegant design.  As the websites main purpose was based around selling wines, e-commerce was built in as part of the core functionality, with a smooth checkout process for a simple user journey.