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Pioneering calcium compound devices to repair bone and soft tissue.


With over 25 years’ experience of manipulating the surface chemistry and crystalline properties of calcium compounds, Biocomposites engineer and manufacture products at the forefront of calcium technology.


The main objective for the Biocomposites website was the SEO migration of 4 language version of Biocomposites.com. This was integrated into one WordPress multisite with multi-language functionality.

Our development team successfully consolidated all 4 of the different language websites by adding multi-language ability on WordPress’s back end CMS. This ultimately cut down a significant amount of admin time required in maintaining the website.

Another secondary goal was to show off their growing library of content in a user-friendly way while displaying it in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. In contrast to their older site, we created an impressive modern looking site with rich colours to enhance the user experience.


Our approach on this project was to strike a balance of creating a site that looked professional while still maintaining a hint of personality, all while remaining in line with the standard for the medical field.

Our design team’s extensive experienced allowed them to find this balance, and we delivered a fantastic site for Biocomposites which exceeded their expectations.