AirPortr Paid Social Case Study

AirPortr Paid Social

AirPortr Paid Social Case Study

About the project

AirPortr is a London based technology company fast tracking airline passengers and their luggage between the world's cities.

Airportr came to Passion for help with strategising their paid social activity, as well as the day to day overseeing and managing of the campaigns.

What we did

We split out the prospecting targeting into several different segmentations based on demographic data provided to us by AirPortr. Lookalike audiences are made use of heavily at this stage.

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We made use of remarketing by also segmenting out these audiences based on their previous interaction with the brand and their stage within the buyer journey.

Event-based custom audiences using Pixel data layered with appropriate exclusions enabled us to curate our messaging strategy, ensuring we delivered the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time.

For customers who were near the end of the buyer journey, for example ‘basket abandoners’, we offered incentives such as discounts to encourage them to convert.


GA sessions


CPA (Awareness and Remarketing combined)


CPA (Remarketing only)


per Landing page view


Conversion rate

Results & Stats

The Results
(over a 6 month period)