Why everyone should work at a start up at least once in life



I have had the opportunity in my life to work in both a large company and small one… and believe me, it’s worth giving a shot to working with/for/as a start-up company.

Here are some reasons:

You’ll learn faster than you ever thought possible.

Yes, true. You are working in the perfect environment for learning, and quickly. You can see first-hand the work of the CEO of the company. You’ll be allowed to learn about a variety of topics, at a hardly imaginable speed. You will learn from your mistakes and your success – you and your team are the only people responsible for it.

Even before you notice it, you’ll realise that you work fast, think fast, and act quickly. And the best (or worst) thing is that you’ll get used to it.

Doing real work

Since working in a start-up I have always had the feeling that I’m doing real work. Why? Everything you do will make a difference, will contribute directly to the success (or sometimes failure) of the business. Do you have an idea? Just speak about it to the team and you will be listened to. Finally, you will have a voice. Every project becomes highly important, and good feedback from the client will make your day amazing! Every day is different, you will be back home feeling you are a lucky person because you are being part of a ‘family’.

Room for growth

The company itself is growing, and you can see that every day when you work at a start-up. You learn the meaning of multitasking the hard way, working long hours, under pressure and with lots of deadlines to be hit. But the business is growing, we focus on looking on the bright side, making the culture of the company: plan today, succeed tomorrow, isn’t it?   Everyone is accountable, which means if the company wins you win. And…being honest, who doesn’t like winning?

Environment of Innovation/Passion

The start-up’s environment is definitely not for everyone. Our offices are very cool, we are cool people! We play ping-pong, we have sofas, we go for a drink after work, we make jokes (even on the hardest days), and we can wear t-shirts & jeans…  Join a ‘family’. Even so, one of the more rewarding things is that you can find yourself working with people that are highly motivated and enthusiastic. People care about the success of their work, their clients and their team. There is a spark of inspiration on every level, innovative ideas and development… Let you be you. Follow your passion.

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