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What We Learnt at Boost with Facebook’s ‘Holiday Bootcamp’ Event 2019


I’m Carolina Abaunza Moreno and as part of my role within the Marketing and PR Team at Passion Digital, attending training and networking events is one of the things I look forward to the most.

I was excited to attend Boost with Facebook’s ‘Holiday Bootcamp’ this month. It offered the opportunity to delve deeper into the unending advantages and potential that Facebook and Instagram have as social media platforms in terms of business performance, and I was particularly looking for some advice on how to further improve our internal strategy.

Creating new and innovative ideas to build and improve your business’s brand   awareness is not always an easy task. There are a few key factors that make a real difference to your online presence:

  • Creativity and knowledge
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends
  • Being aware of how to make an impact and catch the attention of audiences, especially using your social media platforms

With our agency expanding, having an internal, structured strategy that includes guidelines on how to communicate online with our audience has been essential for our social media planning. At the same time, being proactive and participative in industry/networking events has provided us with vital insights for continuing to build our internal strategy.

At the ‘Holiday Bootcamp’ event, hosted by Boost with Facebook, knowledgeable speakers took the attendees through vital points on how to use Facebook and Instagram as quality content platforms with minimal investment. The focus was on the holiday season but the theory can be applied to any business that is looking how to boost its online presence while adjusting to internal budget constrictions.

Read on for the event’s key takeaways.

Facebook: Ways to Engage with Your Current Customers and Attract New Ones

Even with the appearance of other social media platforms in the recent years, Facebook is still the most popular platform globally. According to The London School of Economics and Science there are approximately 42 million UK Facebook users, which is very appealing for businesses trying to build and grow their audiences through the platform.

In order to take advantage of all the platform’s benefits and advantages, here are some key points that businesses need to keep in mind before starting to use the platform for their commercial activities.

Prepare your Facebook business page

This will allow people to find your business. Let them know who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and how to interact with you. Having an updated profile picture, adequate template and call to action button can make a huge difference.

Build your audience

In order to boost your online presence further, don’t take for granted the things you have in front of you; they could be your most valuable factors. Take advantage of your current relationship with customers and integrate your social content with your other digital marketing strategies, such as organic and paid marketing and cross-channel promotion, to improve the performance of your page.

Use of Facebook’s tools: Stories

This might be one underrated way to connect with audiences but it’s actually very useful and effective for sharing pictures, videos and posts that will be only visible and available for 24 hours.

Some best practices recommendations for creating engaging stories are:

  • Capture people’s attention by using bright and contrasting colours, stand-out captions and backgrounds
  • Use text in order to improve the experience for those who watch videos without sound
  • Share reactive, short and fun content, not forgetting to use different elements such as stickers, emojis and more
  • Keep content relevant for your audience, know what they engage with and push those kinds of post the most

Instagram – How to Build Your Business

It is known in the digital world that Instagram is the second most popular and influential of social media platforms. In the UK alone statistics estimate 24 million Instagram users. This user percentage represents a huge opportunity for brands to expand their reach.

Creating your Business Account

  • Connect your account with other social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Fill in your business information and contact details so that your customers can communicate with you
  • Create an impactful handle and profile picture so that your customers will recognise your brand easily
  • Include a call to action to invite friends and different audiences to reach and connect with you

Use the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a powerful tool to connect with your audience. With 500 million people using stories every day, the tool has proven to fit business goals and objectives.

  • Be creative while pushing content out there: by using the Search and Explore option, you can benchmark what other brands and business within your industry are doing and find inspiration for your posts.
  • Make sure to always focus on your audience: create content that is suitable and relevant for them. Interact with them to find out areas of interest.
  • Be consistent: creating content regularly allows your audience to build faster and longer-term relationships with you. Give them something back with every post; this could be a call to action, encouraging them to do something specific, etc.
  • Let them discover you: by using the hashtags, tags, location and share functions audiences can find and interact with your brand more easily while also allowing you to build your online community.

Let’s Talk about Metrics

Businesses would not be able to measure the success of their approaches, strategies or social media planning without numbers that support their performance.

For both platforms there are specific metrics to keep an eye on:


  • Activity metrics: See Followers for how many people follow and are aware of your page, Likes to measure how many likes you get on a daily basis and Actions to see how many call to actions have worked on your site.
  • Discovery metrics: See Reach of both Organic and Paid posts/ads and Page Views to keep track of how many times your page has been viewed.
  • Post and audience insights: See Post for relevant information of people who have connected with your brand and Audience for which posts have generate more reach.


  • Content Metrics: Analyse how your posts are performing by filtering them by content type, date range and type of metric.
  • Activity Metrics: This one includes profile visits, website clicks, clicks for directions to your physical premises, etc.
  • Discovery Metrics: Understand your reach and impressions on each post.
  • Audience Metrics: This one includes the analysis of cities, countries, age range and gender of your followers, allowing you to understand their background and potential needs.

Social platforms are an incredible way to improve your business performance by reaching a larger audience and engaging with them, showing your true business self and offering the best possible service.

So many more opportunities are out there waiting to be taken, including networking, training, industry and social events. I encourage every business with an interest in its internal strategy to attend and immerse in everything that the digital world has to offer.

At Passion Digital we believe that having an internal Social Media Marketing Strategy is vital for our online presence and performance. It has allowed us to thrive through the years, as we have been able to structure and measure our objectives and goals. We believe it would help your business too!