What is Remarketing’s Place in My PPC Strategy?

Alexandre Hoffmann 27/11/2019 3 minutes

Remarketing is one of the most important parts of PPC (Pay Per Click). However, if you are new to the world of digital marketing, you may also be new to this concept. Have no fear – I’m Dave, Head of PPC, and I’m here to help! Come along with me on a journey to learn all about the wonderful world of remarketing, from its definition to its place within a PPC strategy.

What is Remarketing?

As its name suggests, remarketing (also known as retargeting) is marketing something to an audience a second time. To do this, a personalised ad campaign and ad copy (usually in the form of display ads) are created and shown to users who have visited your website or viewed your other content in the past.

Remarketing Explained in 3 Simple Steps

The process of remarketing is simple:

  1. A user visits a website or otherwise consumes a brand’s content.
  2. The user gets tagged with a cookie, which means they are added to the brand’s remarketing list.
  3. The brand then launches a remarketing campaign where the user will see remarketing ads as they continue to browse the web. These ads are are shown only to users on the aforementioned list.

The purpose of remarketing is to reach out to potential customers who are already aware of your brand’s products and/or services. Ideally this will increase conversion rates for your business as you are targeting the same user multiple times. The more they see the ad, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Currently, one of the most popular remarketing tools is Google Ads.

How Do I Use Remarketing in My PPC Strategy?

Now that you know the definition of remarketing, you may be wondering how you can harness its power and incorporate it into your PPC strategy. Here are some great ways to boost your PPC campaign techniques.


There are two major platforms that allow you to build remarketing lists: Google Ads and Google Analytics. Both will allow you to target users who have visited one of your landing pages before and who fit certain criteria (you can customise this to ensure you are reaching the right demographics).

The main difference between Ads and Analytics is that the former will let you build separate lists of criteria on each of your specific landing pages, while the latter means you can build more complex rule-based lists based on channel and engagement data.

This is the most standard type of remarketing.


A great new way to utilise remarketing in your PPC marketing campaign is with videos. Google Ads has a feature that allows you to show video ads to users who have visited your website or viewed videos from your YouTube channel. These ads will appear either via the Google Display Network videos or on YouTube.


Do you have a list of your customers’ email addresses? Upload their emails to Google Ads as a ‘custom audience’ and while they are browsing YouTube, Gmail or Google’s search engine they will see your ads.

Search Ads

Search ads is a Google Ads feature that targets users using the Google search engine. Applying remarketing lists to search campaigns means you can re-engage previous site visitors through search ads.

Mobile Ads

This refers to targeted ads that are specifically shown on mobile apps. You can use text, images and video ads.


If Google isn’t your cup of tea and you’re hoping to conquer the Bing market, consider checking out Bing Ads. Similar to Google Ads and Google Analytics, you will be able to cultivate remarketing lists based on:

  • Recent converters – Those who have recently filled out a lead form or made a purchase on your site
  • Loyalty members – Current and repeat customers
  • Product visitors – Users who browsed a specific product, service or page on your site
  • General visitors – Any user who has visited any page on your site
  • Shopping cart abandoners – Users who added a service or product to their online shopping cart but failed to either make a purchase or fill out a lead form

Remarketing is arguably the most effective addition to any PPC strategy. Consider using the above tips to make your next campaign pop – or get in touch if you want us to do it for you. Happy selling!

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