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Weekly News Roundup (26-30 July): Content

Weekly Roundup

What is curious about content creation trends, types with the ferocity of one thousand copywriters and has six thumbs? If you guessed the Passion Digital Content team, you guessed right! (Sorry, no prize this week.)

Today we’ll be discussing everything from AI copywriting to the digital PR talent pool. Without further ado, here is our weekly news roundup of the latest content creation trends.

1) The Digital PR Talent Pool and Agency Offering

There has been a lot of movement in the digital PR talent pool as of late. We have spotted more job vacancies in the field over the last three months than we’ve ever seen before, which clearly says a lot about the increase in demand for digital PR services. This increase in job listings has also meant a rise in promotions, with agencies desperate to hang on to their staff.

With more and more brands making use of digital PR, we can only expect to see an increase in this demand for talent. The question is, with more and more brands looking to digital PR to gain the upper hand on their competitors, how do agencies make their offerings stand out from others in such a crowded market?

Yes, every agency can become adept in landing placements through tried and true link building techniques. However, what will separate the best agencies from the rest will be producing creative and original content campaigns that don’t just drive links, but do so in imaginative ways that make a brand truly stand out.

“Outside-the-box thinking” was a phrase used a lot last week during the digital PR talks at the BrightonSEO conference, but with “most-Instagrammed”, “dream job” and “most searched for” campaigns becoming the norm, the content campaign space has become stale. As depressing as that might sound, there’s good news to be taken from it, as this means there is opportunity and demand for originality and creative campaigns. As a result, brands that choose agencies who go above and beyond to deliver will definitely stand out.

Speaking of… if you’re looking for a digital PR agency that will go the extra mile for your business, why not get in touch with Passion? We have a proven track record of unique and exciting campaigns that will set your business apart.

If only all inside the box thinking was this cute.

2) Older Content: Keep or Cull?

In one of his regular Q&A sessions, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller gave an update on one of the hottest questions in content marketing: what’s to be done with old or low quality content? Search Engine Journal reports that Mueller separates the two issues – after all, in his words, “just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad”.

Webmasters should be using their own judgement to assess the quality of their onsite content, regardless of age. For any articles that get flagged as being of questionable quality, Mueller offers two options: “improve it or remove it”. The former can be especially useful, even if it takes a bit of extra time.

A recent report showed that businesses considered “updating and repurposing existing content” the second most efficient content marketing tactic. 61% of respondents cited this as key to their success, and it came second only to SEO itself.

3) Can AI Copywriting Create High Quality Content?

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing ads for artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting pop up all over our personal Facebook feeds. Many of these ads even claimed to have been written by these AI bots themselves. And while we’re all for simplifying processes wherever possible – including through automation – there’s something about artificially written content that raises our hackles.

It all boils down to quality – how can something written by a computer possibly be as good as something written by a real person? Now, as fans of the written word, we may be a bit biased, but it’s hard to believe that AI copywriting leads to anything but regurgitating ideas, diminishing quality and creating content for the sake of creating content. After all, if AI writing hits saturation point, the bots will eventually begin stealing from each other.

And of course, that’s leaving out the fact that it’s a bit of an insult to all the human writers out there – it’s a bit like insinuating content creation is so easy a potted plant could do it.

On the other hand, there is some use to be found from AI copywriting tools. For example, they can help with brainstorming, speed up the writing process, quickly analyse data and help non-writers get something passable written without taking time out of a human copywriter’s busy schedule. There’s pros and cons to everything, right?

While it doesn’t look like AI copywriting is going away anytime soon, it also doesn’t appear that human copywriters are either – and the experts agree. In all likelihood, robots and copywriters will end up forming a symbiotic relationship. The former will throw together a (very) rough draft in record time and the latter will thoroughly edit it to improve the writing and ensure nothing has been accidentally plagiarised. After all, no one does emotions like humans. Try commissioning an algorithm to adequately describe those bittersweet feelings of childhood nostalgia.

Eddie Shleyner, founder of Very Good Copy, said it best when he suggested that AI would give truly talented copywriters a good jumping-off point:

“AI tools are a powerful starting point for copywriters and marketers. A draft is better than no draft…AI will change the way copywriters ideate, the way we brainstorm. Getting started might become less painful.”

And that might just be a good thing. Any copywriter worth their salt knows that there’s nothing worse than writer’s block.

And thus, our latest weekly news roundup concludes. Whether you need help with your content marketing or SEO strategy, Passion Digital can help with all your digital marketing needs – why not get in touch with us today? And get ready for our next weekly round up, courtesy of our stellar Paid Social team!