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Weekly News Roundup (20-27 September): Paid Social

Weekly Roundup

It’s Monday again and that can only mean one thing – Passion’s Weekly News Roundup is back once again! This week, our Paid Social team is here to shed light on what Apple’s new updates mean for Facebook marketers, Instagram’s moral responsibility to its users and how TikTok is revolutionising e-commerce.

1. Advertising Off the Beaten Track(ers)

We’re now five months on from the launch of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, which gave users the opportunity to opt out of being tracked by advertisers. The exact number of people who have opted out isn’t known, but early reports estimated around 96% of iOS users in the United States alone had opted out. This drop in tracking subsequently impacted a few parts of the advertising ecosystem, particularly with regards to audiences and conversion reporting.

At the time, Facebook provided support on what agencies and advertisers could do to mitigate the impact and have now outlined some further steps. However, it is interesting that Facebook estimates underreported conversions at roughly 15%. The challenge for the social media giant is now to prove that it’s still a valuable platform for businesses to spend their marketing budget on.

One of the things we’ve taken away from this news is that you should allow time for your campaigns to produce enough data to allow you to assess it as accurately as possible. In the interest of doing this, you should also set up your paid social campaigns so that they adhere to the learning phase best practices.

2. Keeping People Safe on Socials

This week, internal research of Facebook and Instagram was published for the first time… and the findings the reports have exposed are shocking.
Facebook, which owns Instagram, knows that the platform poses serious dangers to the mental health of teenage girls. An internal research slide from 2019 acknowledged that “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls”. However, instead of addressing these concerns, Instagram dismissed these as “quite small” and tried to cover up the findings, especially now as it plans to open Instagram up to kids younger than 13 years old.

Despite the growing understanding of the damage that social media can take on mental health, minimal action is being taken to tackle it. This highlights the need to regulate social media platforms to prevent profit-driven companies from acting without any regard for the potential harm they can do to the most vulnerable parts of its user base and society as a whole.

3. “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks”

The rise of TikTok over the last couple of years has been well documented, but its popularity has also created a range of e-commerce options to encourage brands to the platform. The app has also recently given a name to the “creator-driven word-of-mouth marketing” phenomenon – Community Commerce.

Following in the vein of their slogan “don’t make ads, make TikToks”, the app is now leaning into the cluttered e-commerce landscape, positioning itself as a more entertaining and natural way for brands to stand out. They also provide their own take on the traditional marketing funnel. According to TikTok, it’s more like a flywheel: “A continuous loop of awareness, consideration, and conversion that happens in the TikTok environment.”

All of this new information provides brands with a great opportunity to come up with creative and engaging content that can build and reach their targeted communities. Using TikTok influencers in this way has already been proven to increase sales and dedicated followers, with Walmart being a landmark example.

Earlier this month, fashion brand Ellesse announced that it was partnering with popstar Zara Larsson and would livestream a concert where viewers can browse and buy from the collection during the show. Could this have implications for both the future of e-commerce and live music? Only time will tell…

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