Weekly News Roundup (18 – 22 October): Insight And Strategy

Weekly Roundup

And we’re back! Our incredible Insight and Strategy team is here to share their highlights over the past week. We’re talking digital exploring, growth and the ever-volatile world of politics. Happy reading!

1. Let’s Be Digital Explorers

As a fully fledged Digital Marketing agency, we love reading other thoughts on the world of digital, and how we can improve our insights and operations. 

This article from Marketing Week focuses on Ogilvy’s UK vice-chairman Rory Sutherland’s comments at the Festival of Marketing. He warns against digital marketing becoming ‘an efficiency optimisation game’, and argues that businesses must continue to be exploratory and creative in their outlook.

Sutherland expresses how there is danger in getting too obsessed with metrics, believing that ‘targeting optimisation’ needs ‘creative optimisation’ to work effectively, as this mindset can help us understand more about our audiences.

We love Sutherlands musings on how to stay creative when helping a client and thinking around a problem.

He gives an example of Tesla’s new ‘dog mode’ feature – a climate control feature for pets when you leave them in the car for a short period of time. It is these small, seemingly inessential features that people love, yet are the first thing to be cut due to company savings.

2. Sceptic Britons on Political PR

With the recent announcement from the Government that we will be net zero by 2030, and the COP26 summit looming on the horizon, YouGov have been busy bees, asking the public what they think of the suddenly climate conscious Establishment.

In the article, YouGov shares their insightful survey on whether the general public think that politicians, celebrities and protest groups are driven by a genuine desire for action, or if they’re trying to maintain a positive public image.

It turns out that over 60% of Britons think that politicians and famous people campaigning for action are doing it for positive PR rather than genuine concern. Conservative voters are more skeptical of celebs, coming in at 75%, compared to Labour voters at 54%.

Interestingly, less than half of Conservatives (40%) think that organised protest groups are acting on a real desire for change, compared to almost three quarters of labour voters (72%).

Despite the polar differences in opinion, both sets of voters could agree on one thing: politicians who campaign are more interested in good PR.

3. How Insight Drives Growth

As you know this article comes from yours truly; the Insight and Strategy team. So of course, we are head over heels for anything that’s related to us. As if by magic, our steadfast beacon of research, GWI, has released an article discussing how Insight drives growth for independent agencies.

Essentially, Insight is growing – in both significance and importance. This is particularly true in big businesses (500+ employees) which are 23% more likely than the average business to say it’s important to use data to drive better decisions. GWI say the answer to this is to meet new challenges head on by getting fresh data, welcoming new clients with open arms, whilst retaining old ones.

‘Ultimately, clients want ROI. They’re looking for insight-driven, intelligent solutions to their problems to save them money in the long run. But to grab their attention, you have to be unique – and unique doesn’t scream reliable.’ 

What we love about this article is that it gives us three golden rules for insight solutions that agencies should use.Insight and Strategy requires analysing data and creative thinking and, luckily, our team of Passionistas can do it all! And they’re always happy to have a chat and share their knowledge. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more!