Weekly News Roundup (15 – 19 November): Paid Social

Weekly Roundup

Happy Monday! We can’t quite believe that it’s already the last week of November – where has the year gone?! We’ve seen so much in 2021, but perhaps the biggest changes have come from social media platforms. Here, we’ll guide you through some of the new routes our favourite social media platforms are now going down.

1) TikTok Releases Vital Research Into Social Media Challenges

TikTok has released results from its commissioned research into harmful challenges and hoaxes and the results are less than amazing (but at least they’ve been shared, unlike Meta’s research). Although the number of teens participating in potentially harmful challenges remains low, at 21%, the study reveals that there is much more that social platforms can do to address problems relating to users’ safety. 

For this to have a real impact, the design of social media would need to change to not incentivise shocking or outrageous content. TikTok has promised to become a better moderator, but their proposed actions seem ineffectual and probably should have already been happening…

2) Pinterest Goes Live

Pinterest TV has launched with a series of live, shoppable episodes. Featuring high profile content creators, such as Tom Daley and Christian Siriano, the latest immersive format enables the hosts to tag products during live shows, allowing pinners to browse in real-time.

Show topics are set to include fashion, home and beauty and will run throughout the week with exclusive products and discounts dropped every Friday. To add an additional interactive element, users will be able to chat and ask questions, building social engagement and creating a more personalised experience.

The move into live shopping sees Pinterest move away from its position as an ‘inspirational’ image platform to a content creator hub, challenging video-led channels such as TikTok which has seen success from brand/influencer collaborations and product reviews driving sales.

The move sees Pinterest investing in its creators – offering a creator studio and tools allows them to monetise their content, encouraging sponsored brand partnerships and product tagging. While still early days, it will be interesting to see how this fares against the platforms currently leading the competition in this area.

3) Snapchat Collaborates With AllRecipes

Snapchat has updated its Scan feature to include scanning of food items for recipe inspiration. Partnering with AllRecipes, users can view a number of recipe options when you scan any ingredient – perfect for those evenings when you just don’t know what to make for dinner.

Whilst this is perhaps not a huge update, it does show that Snapchat is continuing to invest in the product – and this update is definitely a unique offering compared to other social platforms. With 170m people using Scan, it might pay for brands to start thinking more long-term about what other features will be included in the functionality and how they can get involved.

An iteration of food scanning could be to add something to your online grocery shopping basket when running low on an item. How about scanning a ‘For Sale’ sign outside of a house to get a virtual tour or to book a viewing? With investment increasing & usage strong, there will be value in identifying how your brand could become valuable to users via the Scan function.

4) YouTube Launches Live Stream Shopping

YouTube has also jumped onto the bandwagon as one of many social media platforms out there to bring live stream shopping straight to all users. For a short time during the Christmas season, users get to discover and consider products promoted by their favourite creators. We already know Youtube is bombarded with many shopping hauls posted by content creators. Generally, they’re limited to linking products in the description but with the new feature, it’s bound to create a more interactive shopping experience for users.

Heading into 2022, YouTube will continue building on this feature by testing out more formats and learning from it. It might soon become possible for other ecommerce brands to advertise their products within the live stream. Be it via the influencers they’ve chosen or through their own live shopping events to strengthen their brand relationship with customers.

Social media can be a tricky thing to get to grips with. Utilising all the functions available to you can very quickly get overwhelming, especially when you’re investing money into it. Luckily, our Paid Social team are wizards at telling you exactly what to do, and when. Get in touch for a chat and to discover how we can help!