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Weekly News Roundup (06 – 10 September): Insight and Strategy

Weekly Roundup

Ahoy and welcome aboard to this edition of Passion’s weekly news roundup! This week, our Insight and Strategy team has been hard at work navigating the (slightly) confusing worlds of cryptocurrency, cookies and consumers, taking the time to understand it all so you don’t have to…

1) Marketing to Crypto-curious Britons

Crypto-curious anyone? Or are you just crypto-confused. YouGov is one resource that’s jam-packed with data that we love to browse through. This article in particular addresses the national surge in news coverage surrounding crypto-currency and how us Brits feel about it; some of us are interested in crypto-currency, some of us are wary of it and a lot of us don’t really have a clue what it is. 

It uses a cleverly designed survey and deep dives into some data to find out the type of people who are using it, how old they are and what type of financial decisions they make. What’s really cool about this article, though, is it takes an ethical slant on what crypto-marketers should do with this research, telling them to be wary of exploiting an uninformed ‘crypto-curious’ audience. 

2) Cookies and the Future

In the Insight and Strategy team, GWI is one of our treasure troves of data. It provides us with people-led insights into thousands of subjects. In this blog post, GWI addresses the infamous third party cookies, and Google’s ground-shaking announcement that they are scrapping them entirely. The article delves into why third-party cookies help marketers know their target audience, and how first-party cookies are only really effective for giants such as Apple, Amazon etc.

What we loved about this article though, is that it scrutinises the effectiveness of third party cookies to actually establish someone’s identity. It says to marketers that now is the time to rethink their marketing strategies, investing in “scalable solutions to understand who their audiences are, where they spend their time and how to effectively engage them”. If you’d like to know more about the future of cookies for a website, get in touch with our Insight and Strategy team for a chat.

There is a deeper foundation of relevance that becomes accessible when we start thinking beyond pixels to understand a person’s identity.

3) Localism and Consumers 

Think With Google, another one of our faves here in the Insight and Strategy team, has published a new article that has sparked our interest, addressing ‘localism’ in a post-covid world. Localism, as it says on the tin, is a growing consumer preference for brands and businesses located close to them. 

The article touches on how this growing trend was accentuated not just by ethics, but also by the polarising effect of the pandemic, where people were forced to stay in their local areas during lockdown. Interestingly though, this growth has kept going. 

Here at Passion, we think that the continuation of localism could be amazingly beneficial; from helping start-up brands, to aiding the climate crisis.

We’re never not learning here at Passion, so we’ll be watching out for any further updates that could affect our clients’ accounts. If you’d like to discover what our Insight and Strategy team can do for you – or if you just want to chat – just give us a call. And stay tuned for next week’s roundup from the great minds at our New Business & Marketing team.