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Weekly News Roundup (05-09 July): Insight and Strategy

Weekly Roundup

We’re pleased to announce a new content series: a weekly news roundup featuring the latest digital marketing trends, industry insights and more. Each week, a different team will put together a blog post featuring sector-specific news (and showing off our big ol’ brains, but that’s neither here nor there). First up? The Insight and Strategy team, chatting about travel, inclusive marketing and how the vaccine is impacting consumer behaviour.

1. The State of Travel in 2021

The travel industry has been stuck in something of a timewarp for the past 18 months, dogged by ever-fluctuating travel restrictions that make it impossible to plan ahead and, in many companies, the long-term furlough of valuable in-house staff members.       

Now more than ever it’s important for brands to keep their ears to the ground and understand customer sentiment and intention when making their marketing plans. We shared Google’s search-based travel insights with our travel clients earlier this month, and followed this up at the end of the month with YouGov’s Global Travel Report 2021. YouGov’s comprehensive survey compiles the views of 185,000 respondents across 25 markets throughout the globe, which makes it a brilliant litmus test for travel intentions this summer. 

You can download the full report here.

2. Inclusive Marketing

One of our most-opened email newsletters is Think With Google, which provides insights into a wide range of digital topics. We were interested to read an article written by Google’s CMO, Lorraine Twohill, about the launch of their internal marketing toolkit, All In. The initiative is all about making marketing more inclusive for marginalised groups, from hiring a diverse workforce to making inclusive creative choices. 

“Three years ago I shared the results of our initial diversity audit, which showed that 10% of the creatives we reviewed featured Black or Latinx people. Thanks to the learnings from this toolkit, that number is now 26%. And in 2020, 72% of our campaigns featuring Black people did not include overused portrayals of music, sports or dancing. Our creative audits have also shown us that we need to make more room for LGBTQ+ stories and portrayals, include more older adults and people with disabilities and many more. This toolkit is not a silver bullet and it will evolve over time, but it’s a starting point for others to avoid the same mistakes we did.”

Lorraine Twohill

We strongly agree that this is an issue we have to confront and consciously deconstruct. It’s something that we would like to give more emphasis on within Passion and in conversations with our clients.

You can read Lorraine’s full article here.

3. The Effect of Vaccines on Consumer Behaviour

Global Web Index is one of the enterprise research tools we use on a regular basis in the Insight and Strategy department. GWI’s blog is an excellent example of B2B content marketing – each week they release a ‘chart of the week’ based on their data, along with key insights. 

We found this article on how vaccines are changing consumer behaviour particularly interesting. It’s very easy to assume consumer trends based on your own observations, but when brands make expensive decisions based on your advice it’s so important to have your gut feeling backed up by data.

You can read GWI’s insights here.

So there you have it: the first of our many forthcoming weekly news roundups. If you want to see more about what our resident experts have to say about the latest digital marketing trends stay tuned! Next week, our savvy SEO team will be keeping you in the loop about the week in search. In the meantime, check out our blog to get your marketing news fix, or get in touch if our Insight and Strategy team has inspired you to up your digital marketing game.