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Web Designer’s Inspiration: Where to find the Good Stuff


Sometimes a pencil, a blank sheet of paper, and your imagination are all you need to produce brilliant designs. Sometimes, however, a little outside influence can help provide you with new perspectives and inspire you to come up with those great ideas. This resource offers a list of web designers’ go-to sites when they need a little inspiration!


This platform displays designers and their work. It presents you with a broad range of creative designs spanning across many genres as well as providing a catalog of new talent (who can be contacted on the site directly). One of the best features of this platform is the filtering option which allows you to view Web-, Motion-, Branding- or UX-Design.


Basically, everything you can imagine in terms of design in images can be found here – from nice interior arrangements or fancy recipes to great web designs. The ‘pinning’ plugin, allows you to curate everything you find interesting in your profile and sort it into categorized pinboards. The pin feature can also be used to bookmark everything else while browsing the web.


Dribble is similar to Behance in that it offers other designers’ work as inspiration. However, the designs presented on this platform have been created by specialist designers who have been personally invited to showcase their work. This keeps the quality of design content very high.


Probably one of the best-known web awards sites. For a small contribution, everyone can suggest their own website and receive reviews on it. Alongside that, a ‘Site of the Day’ and ‘Site of the Month’ are elected which keeps you abreast of current design trends.

THE FWA – Favourite Website Awards

Another site offering great design work. Special insight into the FWA Judging system is given here as well. They describe how the voting process works and what requirements your site has to have to become FWA of the Day/Month/Year. It’s useful to know what people are looking for in a good design.


This site provides a collection of top/best lists on different topics. All lists can be filtered by categories like Design, Resources, WordPress, Themes, Coding, etc.


All websites on Unmatched Style can be filtered for different topics. So if you are looking for web designs on a specific topic, like education, holiday, environment, medical etc., you will find this site helpful.


As the name suggests, it’s about great One Page websites – like infographics. Designer Rob Hope chooses them, who is also responsible for the Minimal design collection on mmminimal.com.


If you are creating a project from scratch and need some inspiration on a nice range of colours, you’ll definitely find loads of great palettes to choose from on Coolors.


An online magazine that combines an inspirational gallery covering the whole spectrum of design, as well as interesting articles and resources.


For interaction design inspiration and the slickest code demos and experiments, look no further than Codrops. They have a great archive of demos, tutorials, and resources and their weekly Collective round up brings together the latest web news, articles, tools, and inspiration.
Explore the agencies by defining region and city and you will get an extensive overview of all agencies listed in the network. Great, if you are looking for inspiration for your own agency portfolio.
Whilst designers might be considered the Picassos of the tech world, they too draw their creativity from influencers work and outside sources, both of which have been neatly put together for you on the various platforms and websites mentioned above. Each one offers a selection of material for you to filter and curate to help you build up a picture of the design you might want to create. So when putting pencil to paper is proving difficult, there is plenty of help online.

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