The world's first minfographic!

We’ve invented the minfographic! Nothing major, just a world first that in no doubt, will be replicated thousands and thousands of times, just like it’s ‘m’ lacking older brother!

Ok maybe not, but you saw it here first.  For social media we just thought infographics are a bit big, so we thought, “Why not have a mini infographic?”. The minfographic was born.

Dealing out one awesome piece of info is all you need! For our first, we decided to dish out and interesting fact about Larry and Sergey, the creators of Google.  Not only is it astounding at how the iconic design came out of a lack of ability in a certain area, but we find it inspiring, and a lesson to all those with a great invention or idea.  Whatever obstacles you may face, see them as a small dot in the big picture, there’s always a way round.

We’ll be delivering these on a regular basis, we hope you enjoy them!

The PD Team

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