In this digital age, social media allows trends to spread like wildfire. They’re picked up, turned into memes and dropped by internet users before you can say ‘Vegan’, but there are certain trends that seem to stick, #Veganuary being one of them. Year after year, the hashtag comes back and, in turn, it encourages more and more people to jump on the trend and get involved, including brands and celebrities.

The Vegan hype is real in January 2019!

The growing topic of conversation around veganism has led to a record 300,000 (and rising) people signing up to take the pledge for a meat-free start to the year. Being led by the ‘Veganuary’ campaign, people from across the world have signed up, and the impact is being noticed by some of the UK’s largest food brands which is creating a real stir on social media!


Greggs launched their surprisingly controversial Vegan sausage roll, McDonald’s introduced the vegetarian wrap to their happy meal and Pizza Hut delivered the vegan-friendly Jackfruit Pizza specifically for the meat-free month.

After taking to Social Media to announce their vegan sausage roll, high street baker Greggs rocketed to the UK’s number one trending topic which (at of the time of writing) has been tweeted over sixteen thousand times. The meat-free advocates have been obviously ecstatic about the guiltless pastry snack, but as always, the conversation always has two sides with a number of people finding it controversial.

But who was it that was finding it controversial you may ask? Well, who else would it be? Piers Morgan of course!

Greggs fended off the negative comments in style, drawing on the fact it was all a bit over the top…

Would now be a good time to mention that Greggs and Piers Morgan actually have a history of working with the same PR company? Might this be a well-thought-out ruse? We don’t know, but either way, it certainly got people talking!

Social media definitely plays a huge role in the success of the Veganuary campaign – the keyword ‘Veganuary’ received over 1.74M impressions on Twitter in the UK in December alone and looks set to grow with the debate heating up and a number of influencers getting involved, from the Bootstrap Cook Jack Monroe to former Really Wild Show presenter Chris Packham all representing the pledge this year.

This time a few years ago LADBible definitely wouldn’t be on our list of expected Veganuary backers! We’re sure there will be plenty more vegan social media fun to be had this month and 2019 in general. What’s been your favourite Veganuary 2019 campaign so far?

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