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Transformation Training and How it can Build your Business

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Digital transformation has been one of the business buzzwords of the last few years. Although we don’t have an awful lot of time for buzzwords, we do understand the strategic importance of the transformation process for businesses of every size.

Very simply, digital transformation is the process of adapting existing business practices to new digital methods. By integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, you will be able to operate more efficiently, solve problems more quickly and provide more value for your customers.

Well, that’s how it should work. Many businesses have tried to implement new technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, only to realise they don’t have the prerequisite skills in-house to deliver digital transformation successfully or to realise the many benefits.

That’s where digital transformation training can help.

The Importance of Digital Transformation Training

The return on investment a business can generate from transformation technologies depends on the digital literacy of its employees and their ability to adapt to new situations effectively. However, as many employers will recognise, in today’s ultra-competitive job market, those skills are increasingly difficult to find.

In a large organisation, it’s unrealistic to overhaul your workforce with more digitally adept hires. Not only is that due to the expense of the recruitment and onboarding process, but also the dearth of digital skills that are currently available. Accenture has predicted the digital skills gap could cost the UK £141 billion in GDP growth over the next ten years, which highlights the struggle many employers now face.

Rather than looking for new hires, the most viable and cost-effective solution is to create a culture of continuous learning. As part of your digital transformation strategy, you should include an investment in transformation training that will increase the digital literacy of your existing workforce. That will give them the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world and help your business create a competitive advantage.

What is Digital Transformation Training?

Although your workers may know what digital transformation is, they require much more than just a general understanding of the process to turn that theory into practice. Those at every level of the organisation, from business leaders to general workers, require training that’s tailored to their specific needs and job role to build the right skill sets.

Transformation training for business leaders

Those at the top of the organisational chain must understand the wider context for your digital transformation efforts and learn how they can make digital transformation a continuous process over the longer term.

Transformation training for tech leaders

Your tech team must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technologies that can drive the transformation process. Big data, cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just a few of the technologies you can implement to take your business to the next level. Tech leaders must also consider the security implications these new technologies will create and be able to put the necessary policies in place.

Transformation training for ground-level employees

For the transformation process to be successful, you must give ground-level employees the skills they need to use new technology and implement strategies to shift the mindset of every individual. Training that increases the digital literacy of every worker and teaches them how to work in a more productive and collaborative way is key.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation Training

Research in the US has found that 89 percent of organisations say their industry is either being disrupted by digital technology or that disruption is only a matter of time, with 70 percent believing they don’t have the necessary skills or operating models to adapt. The result is that the majority of organisations expect to fail within four years if their digital transformation attempts are not successful.

However, the good news for British businesses is that it’s not too late. Digital transformation training can help businesses in every industry realise a diverse range of benefits that will keep them ahead of the pack.

1. Increase agility and innovation

In today’s rapidly developing digital landscape, organisations that rest on their laurels will be left behind. There will always be new competition, new tools and new trends, and even businesses that are currently on top must be ready to adapt and innovate. Digital transformation training can enable remote working and provide access to technology and services on-demand to put your business in a position to innovate and capitalise on new opportunities.

2. Make employees more effective

Digital transformation training is designed to make employees more effective in their primary roles. Those in core business functions such as HR and finance can move away from time-consuming and inefficient manual processes and focus on wider business opportunities.

3. Improve security

One of the biggest headaches for today’s businesses is how to embrace new technologies and place more data at the edge of their networks while maintaining the highest levels of security. Digital transformation training can ensure businesses implement a security strategy that provides enforcement around access and data compliance to shield themselves from attacks.

4. Create a competitive advantage

Those organisations that are brave enough to be the first to implement new technology and working methods could gain a competitive advantage. Digital transformation training can help you deliver your products and services more quickly, reduce your costs and improve your customer service.

It’s Your Time to Thrive

In this age of perpetual change, businesses that fully embrace digital transformation set themselves up to thrive. At Digital Kitchen, we hold transformation training courses to help your business and workforce embrace digital change and come out on top. Get in touch to find out more and to book your place on our next course.