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This week in social: What can we learn from Lush’s social media boycott?

Social media

If you haven’t been living under a social media rock, you will have seen the recent announcement by cosmetics brand Lush that they’re going to be ditching their social profiles in favour of a more ‘community’ focused, hashtag-driven strategy.

Why are they doing it?

Managers of social media accounts will be well aware of the increasing competition and difficulty on social to reach their audiences without spending money boosting posts. The decline in organic Facebook reach in particular has been a topic on many marketers lips since way back in 2018.

Lush have said that they’re “tired of fighting with algorithms” and don’t want to have to pay to appear in our newsfeeds. Does this mean that they’re leaving social behind completely? Not quite.


Advocates of the Lush brand will still be posting to their social media profiles with brand updates and encouraging the use of branded hashtags such as #LushCommunity. Lush have said that by doing this they want to bring back engagement among their audience, rather than having a one-sided relationship which exists between ad and audience.

Is this something that all brands can learn from?

At this stage, I think it’s too early to tell whether their bold change will turn out to be too bold. However, I think that there are elements from their reasoning that brands can take note of. Real customer engagement is definitely something that many brands overlook in favour of reaching larger audiences and number of impressions – ‘impressions’ don’t necessarily equal impressed customers!

One brand in a similar space to Lush who have taken the social media world by storm are Glossier. They have a highly engaged (and growing) social media following who engage with the brand and provide user-generated content every day. Glossier have found a very happy medium between promoted content and a strong community engagement strategy.

They’ve also managed to reach a brand new audience through a non-branded spin-off account called ‘Glossier Boyfriends’.


We’ll be closely watching this space to see how Lush’s decision pans out over the coming weeks!