60 Spiffing Social Media Tips. Huzzah!

Social media

Good day to you sir/madam!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new social media tips thingamajig, Spiffing Social Tips. We think it’s ruddy MARVELLOUS!

Take a peep at our Spiffing Social Tips!

After our Facebook and Twitter ‘Best Practices’ infographics got bravos all round last year, we put together 60 spiffing social media tips to help your social media perform in tip top fashion!

It’s easy-peasy to use old boy! Simply click ‘Care for Another?’ and you’ll be shown another spiffing social tip.  We’ll be updating it throughout the year with even more spiffing social media tips.

Share it with your chums, tell any chaps you meet and don’t forget our motto – “Above all else, be social on social!”


The Spiffing Passion Digital Team