Social media wishlist

Dear Santa,
We’ve been pretty good this year, so we were hoping that maybe you could stop by with a gift or two.
Please find our social media wishlist below.
Season’s Tweetings,
The PD Social team.
P.S We left you a beer in the fridge.

There’s no denying that 2016 has been social media’s year, with live video taking off, the disappearing content evolution and chat-bots rising to stardom. It’s also been the year that Twitter dropped its 140 (kind of), Instagram grew some analytics tools (hallelujah) and Facebook completely revamped its algorithms (mmm, we’re not so sure about this one).

It seems that now, more than ever before, the major social networks are ticking off feature request after feature request, constantly responding to the wants and needs of marketers and the everyday person.

But despite these developments, there are still some simple changes that would make the life of a social media pro that little bit easier. We’ve put together a Christmas Wishlist of just a few:

Instagram Scheduling

Instagram has arguably seen some of the biggest updates in 2016.  With the introduction of business profiles and analytics, multiple account logins and the option of saving posts, many marketers’ prayers have already been answered. Yet, the one thing that continues to bamboozle most is the lack of native scheduling. Instead, community managers are forced to schedule Instagram content through external apps, such as ‘Hootsuite’ or ‘Later’, and then log on using their phones – a process that is both time consuming and frustrating. That’s why if we could have just one thing in our Christmas stocking this year, it would be an effective in-app scheduling platform.

Reliable Social Media Reporting Tools

Second on our list is a reliable set of social media reporting tools. Monthly reporting in any marketing agency is a must, it’s impossible to plan future content without proper insight. Yet every month, we’re reminded that the perfect platform just doesn’t exist. Engagement rates can sometimes differ across the board, stats on Twitter reach are limited and as for Twitter and Facebook mentions, well don’t get us started. This means that social media reports can often be a lengthy process. So Santa, if you’re listening, you know what to do.

 Twitter editing

Kim K’s cries for help went unanswered last year, and the desire to edit posted Tweets still remains. At least once in a community manager’s career, it’s inevitable that a mistake is going to be made, and such mistakes would be a lot easier to rectify if Tweets didn’t have to be deleted and re-posted.the-23-worst-funniest-spelling-mistakes-on-twitter-the-poke

A LinkedIn Transformation

The final request on our Christmas wish list is for LinkedIn to introduce better features. The platform has been relatively sluggish when it comes to releasing exciting new updates and believe us, there are certain elements that need some work. The inability to edit sponsored content has had us pulling our hair out, and we’ve lost sleep over the ad copy and InMail subject lines that we can’t split test effectively.

It’s about time LinkedIn had a little makeover and gave marketers what they wanted!

What’s on your social wishlist? Let us know by tweeting us @Passion_Digital.

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