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Smoothie Operators: An Innocent Case Study

Social media

If you’re a social media user, particularly Instagram, you will probably have come across Innocent’s social media profiles or had content from them delivered to you in ad format. Or you may have seen them on the side of a bus – basically, they’re everywhere at the moment.

Innocent coconut milk

We think Innocent are winning at social media content, and here are a few reasons why. Brands wanting to up their social media game, listen up:

1. Inject some personality

All brands, from smoothie companies to law firms need to think about their personality and how they want to be perceived. It forms the tone of all marketing and advertising surrounding the brand, as well as how they connect with their target audiences(s).

Innocent’s social media managers have got this down. Their brand personality is very strong and stands out from the crowd. It’s comedic, straightforward and hits the British nail on the head. They’re relatable.

2. Customer interaction

71% of consumers who have experienced good customer service from a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to a friend. What’s more, another survey from HubSpot Research found that ‘90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question’. That means most people expect a response within 24 hours, if not sooner (did you know that, according to that same survey, 60% of customers defined ‘immediate’ as within 10 minutes?!). It’s for this reason that community management is such an important aspect to consider when thinking about social for your brand.

This is another thing that Innocent do really well. They take plenty of time to engage with their audiences with witty one-liners – as our Social Media Manager, Em, found out earlier this week:

3. Getting the creative juices flowing (ahem…)

It almost goes without saying, but visual content is obviously an enormous part of social media. It’s usually the first thing that people notice about a brand and can be the difference between people loving and connecting with a brand, or being put off completely.

The colours are bright and sharp, the content is consistent and so easily recognizable as Innocent. They focus on more than just their product, and they’re always up to date with trending topics, which brings us to point number 4…

(Even this picture of a plain blue sky is effective.)

4. Putting the pop in popular culture (ok, not a smoothie pun, but a generic drinks pun is close enough…)

Popular culture and trending topics move fast in the world of social media, as you’ll know if you read our last blog which talked about the increase of #Veganuary across the internet.

While it’s not necessary to jump on every single social media trend or hashtag that you see, making the most of the ones that are relevant to your brand can be a really easy way to increase your reach.

5. People like people!

It’s been proven that statistically, people like photos of people. Brands whose content streams include photos and updates of what’s going on behind the scenes tend to receive a higher engagement than those brands who stick purely to product-centric content.

6. Dogs

We had to include this one. Who doesn’t love dogs in offices, #DogsInPollingStations, dogs doing funny things, dogs doin…. Ok, you get it.

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