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PR and SEO: A Natural Digital Evolution

Content Marketing

Once upon a time, SEO and PR existed as two separate entities and provided very different digital marketing solutions. Fast forward to today, and you will see that this is no longer the case. At present, PR and SEO are now working more closely together in a new evolved and integrated digital landscape.

Evolution of man

But how did this happen?

Well, to begin with, Google began placing a lot more importance on high quality content that premium websites were linking to. So, in order to appear high up in Google’s results pages, you now need to create and share appealing and insightful content. But if you work in PR, then this will be something you are already familiar with. Today, content has very much become the glue that binds PR and SEO together.

SEO and PR Joint Goals

It is no secret that currently in 2014, engaging content that is targeted at the right audience will not only increase brand awareness but also inspire individuals to share what they’ve read across the web. These after all, are the two primary goals of any PR and SEO individual. Furthermore, the connections that PR professionals make with powerful bloggers and publishers are a huge benefit for anyone working within SEO. This is why today you’ll see many SEO’s and PR executives working more closely together on a project. In a nutshell, joint SEO and PR goals can create stronger digital marketing strategies that help to ultimately spearhead brand visibility.

But there are many specific activities that PR teams can get involved in that can boost sales if SEO aims are combined, and vice versa. Below are just a few examples:

Joint Activities

• Content calendars
• Events
• PR Stunts
• Blogging

Today, SEO and PR are combining their skillsets and working more closely together on joint activities. One such activity that is shared by both departments is content management, and in particular, content calendars. Previously, content calendars would be solely used by PR professionals for creating and scheduling topics for stories and press releases. Now, SEO professionals are incorporating content calendars in to their content marketing strategies. In particular, content calendars are really essential in helping SEO’s keep up-to-date scheduling enticing content ideas around seasonal events. Seasonal events that are relevant to a client really need to be included within a content calendar as this helps SEO professionals plan ahead when coming up with creative topics to blog about. In comparison, innovative PR stunts and events can also help generate huge attention and links to a company.

[tweetable alt=””]Today, content has very much become the glue that binds PR and SEO together.[/tweetable]

But how do you manage the crossover of PR and SEO activities?

Like any relationship, communication is key. So when it comes to an SEO department working closely with a PR team, the two departments really need to talk. Problems may arise when the two marketing channels do the same activity but fail to keep one another up-to-date with developments. Make sure you communicate when working on joint projects and don’t end up end up duplicating your workload.

Final thoughts…

The relationship between PR and SEO is growing from strength to strength. In 2014, the evolution of SEO and PR is well under way and as both sectors continue to learn from one another and merge together, the future is an exciting one for digital marketing professionals.
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