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PPC Basics Pt. 3: A/B Test Ad Copy to Increase Click through Rates


PPC Basics Part 3

In case you missed the first posts in the series:

With so many tools on offer and the changes made to PPC platforms every year it’s easy to get too technical and caught up in the tiniest details and forget about the basic PPC management and optimisation.

People often ask the question, how do I increase my click through rate? One area that often gets overlooked is A/B testing ad copy. I believe it’s probably one of the simplest forms of account management to improve CTR and is a simple task that only needs to be done once a month.

Here’s my guide to running an A/B test on ad copy:

1. Create Ad Copy:

Create 2 – 4 adverts per ad group, if you missed my tips to creating successful ad copy, you can read my tips to creating successful ad copy here – make sure all adverts are different to ensure a fair test.

2. Campaign Settings:

In the campaign settings under Ad Delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping, select ‘Rotate indefinitely: Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads and do not optimise’ – this means your adverts should serve on an even basis to make the test fair.

Adwords screenshot3. Run the Test:

Your adverts are ready and the campaigns settings are in place, get the adverts live in each ad group. I would suggest running this over the course of a month – if you do identify an advert early on that has a much lower click through rate than the others, then pause it and replace with a new advert.

4. Results:

At the end of the month review your results. Look at the click-through rates for each advert in each ad group and pause the advert(s) with the poorest click-through rate. You’ll tend to find there is one advert that outperforms the rest of the adverts, which you’ll keep of course.

Create a new advert to replace any that are paused, I would advise against deleting or editing the advert(s) as it’s useful to have the past data to refer back to.

5. Repeat Testing:

Perform this procedure each month, you’ll find that down the line you’ll have adverts performing at very similar level and changes will not necessarily need to be made every month. This is when you can then start to focus on A/B testing advert landing pages to increase conversion rates.

If you have any questions about A/B testing or writing ad copy please feel free to get in touch at